Best share button to boost your site social shares by 300%

The social share button was built by a group of social media marketing experts and world-class developers who are obsessed with performance. Most of the social sharing buttons will slow down your website but this one will add beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog.

Not only that it will never slow down your website like other sharing plugins, but it will also give you the most attractive share buttons available that look great no matter what screen size or resolution. The plugin will give you the ability to have floating share buttons follow your readers down the screen when static (non-floating) buttons are not in view.

This way the reader will always have easy access to your share buttons, no matter where they scroll on your page. Using this wonderful WordPress social sharing plugin will allow you to proudly display the number of times your website’s content has been shared even your tweets will count.

The social button social proof is a powerful psychological tool that has been proven to influence even more shares. The plugin uses the social network API endpoints to ensure that the most accurate share counts are always displayed.

The WordPress Social Share Button Full Features

Popular Posts Widget based on Social Share Counts: Wouldn’t you love to show what your most popular posts are based on the number of social shares they have received? Social Warfare allows you to do just that. You can even choose to display most of your popular posts based on which social network they were popular on. The social button popular posts widget allows you to display and customize the look with the following

  • Post thumbnail images
  • Image and text size
  • Custom visual themes
  • Custom date range
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Content Protection: The WordPress plugin has a builtin highly demanded Frame Buster right into Social Warfare so that you are protected from content hijackers seeking to place their advertisements on top of your content without your permission.

A user can Use Shortcodes to Manually Place Social Share Buttons Anywhere

Share Button

If you want to place buttons in the middle of an article, you can with the [social_warfare] shortcode. If you wanted to add share buttons to a page but actually have them share out a different page altogether (like being able to share your Subscribe page from your Thank You)? Social Warfare allows you to do this. If you’re experienced with PHP, you can also hook Social Warfare into your theme templates for hyper-customization.

Pin All the Images: Enabling the Image Hover Pin Button will place a “Pin” button over top of every image inside of your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes every image on your page highly sharable to Pinterest.

Powerful Share Customization: The WordPress social share button is among the pioneers of customizing how your content is shared, particularly with Pinterest. The plugin Pro add-on allows you to decide exactly which image, title and description appear when your content is shared on sites like Facebook and Google+. This also applies to any other networks that use Open Graph data for social shares.

You can upload a custom Pinterest image and write a custom description so that when someone clicks the pin button, the exact image you’ve chosen shows up with exactly the description you’ve written. No more hoping that your readers choose the best image and write an optimal description for you!

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Minimum Social Proof: If you would prefer to only show counts after a certain minimum number of shares has been met (to avoid “negative social proof”), you can do that as well. Or if you’d rather just have no counts showing at all, just turn them off altogether.

Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign and Button-click Tracking: Shorten shared links automatically using your own Bitly credentials so you can track how many clicks are occurring on your links. Additionally, if you’re a Google Analytics user, you can set up Analytics tracking so that each shared link contains a networks specific UTM tracking code. This way you can track all inbound links that come as a direct result of Social Warfare shares.

You can also activate Event Tracking so that you can also see in Google Analytics exactly how many times your buttons are clicked. It is without question that Social Warfare is the most powerful social sharing plugin available for WordPress. You get all these premium features while still benefitting form a super-fast, light-weight code base.

If you download the social share button, you can also write a custom tweet for when someone clicks on the Twitter button. The exact tweet you wrote will be displayed in the Twitter share box and Social Warfare will automatically add the link to your content and your @username to the end of it.

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