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Best SEO Tips to Rank your Blog high on Google Search Page

Google search engine is the most popular search engine used daily globally across different platform. A search engine is a tool used to look for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data, such as images or data contained in databases. If you are new to blogging or your blog is less ranking follow the best SEO tips below to rank high on the first page of the Google search engine.

8 best SEO tips for your blog to rank high on google search engine

Optimize your blog for mobile user-friendly

Google is ranking those websites which are optimized for mobile-friendly users. Because most of the people are browsing from mobile phones so websites which have optimized for API will be ranking higher.

So if you want the blog to be mobile friendly use optimized design of your website. This helps your website to display in mobile. Try to maintain one URL for both desktop and mobile. This will also boose your SEO and rank your website on the first page of the google.

Use targeted keywords in the content

This is the best SEO strategy every blogger should know about. Before writing any blog you have to do keyword research

The first step is to list out the keywords that are most ranking for your blog and find the competitors keywords for which they are getting most of the website traffic. If you are website belongs only to the local region then it is better to target specific keyword instead of broad keywords.

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Ex: If you have a digital marketing blog in Hyderabad your targeted keyword will be digital marketing in Hyderabad which is specific. Because digital marketing keyword will have more competition.

After keyword analysis, add these keywords in your blog. Don’t just stuff the keywords because google new algorithm has penalised more keyword-stuffed websites. So use the keywords only in the relevant area.

The easy way to add more keywords is to track your website rank for a particular keyword with the competitors. Leadmirror provides you with the complete keyword ranking data of yours and competitors”

Use unique meta title and description

Best SEO Tips

The meta title is another important factor ranking your blog on the search engine results page. Use unique and high value targeted keywords in the meta title. The search engine first verifies the meta title later it will look into the website.

So if your meta title is bad then you will lose ranking in the first stage

The meta description should signify the main concept of the blog. So that the users attracted to read the whole content. Add keywords in the meta description also.

If your description as targeted keywords which matches exactly to the user search query then your blog will be promoted to featured snippet which is very helpful for your website traffic.

Optimize the site structure

Website structure is part of the best SEO optimization. The Structure for categories and tags serve as the navigational tools for the users. When you create a blog and publish in the category, Your URL should contain the category and title of the blog.

It helps the user to know the relevant content. If your structure is not proper the search engine will decrease the rank of your blog. After added categories add tags to your blog. It helps for more specific terms on the search engine.

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The URL of your blog should be small so that the user can easily access the link. Don’t mention the date because the user will always look for fresh content. If you publish your content today with mentioning date it will be obsolesced by tomorrow. So better don’t mention the date in the URL.

Link building internally and externally

Link building helps you to increase your domain authority. If you are getting traffic from other websites the search engine will have more trust in you and increase your ranking. In link building, there will be two types of links do follow and no follow

Do-follow link

The do-follow link redirects the search engine to your website. It will increase your domain authority.

No-follow link

The no-follow link doesn’t redirect the search engine to your website. It has less value when compared to do-follow links.

But even though they also considered as a backlink for your website. The links which you’re getting from another website will be considered as external links. The links which are under your domain will be considered as internal links.

While the user is reading your blog provide him with more information by links your content with the old content which is relevant to your blog. It will help the user to find all the information in one place. The user experience also helps your blog to rank top on the google.

Improve page speed

Not only SEO will help you to rank your blog on google. If your blog page is slow then the user doesn’t like to read the content. This leads to increase your bounce rate which is a negative sign for your ranking. The Average page load should be no more than 5 seconds. If your blog is taking more than that it will affect your ranking.

Optimize the blog images

Images also very important for every blog. The user will be more interested to read the content only when you mentioned the images. If you are demonstrating any example try to provide images and graphics. But the high-resolution images will reduce the speed of the website. Use Jpg images which require less space.

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Use alt tags to your images which help the search engine to easily identify your blog. A set of servers like URL, text, scripts affect bandwidth which reduces the pressure on the single server. This helps your site to increase the speed.

Use Google Search Console

Google search console is the free tool which is provided by Google. In this, you find the traffic and leads coming to your website or blog. This help to analyse the performance of your blog content.

Every day you have to analyse the blog. You can know for which keyword you’re getting more traffic. Try to add those keywords in your blog content. So that your blog will on the first page for that keyword.


The above steps will help your blog to rank high on google. If you think to add any other steps in the article mention in the comments.

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