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Best Guide to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistant in 2022

Currently, remote work has been quite popular. Now it is not only limited to the pandemic but many companies are giving remote work forever. This helps them to hire talent from across the regions without any limitation. And, a virtual assistant is a person who provides his/her services online to a business. If you have an online business then a Shopify virtual assistant can help you with many tasks.

When you hire a virtual assistant then he/she can help you in numerous tasks whether it is administrative work, content creation, data entry, etc. A virtual assistant can save your time by handling all these tasks so that you can give attention to the growth of your business.

If we talk about the process of hiring a virtual assistant then it is not an easy task. But, in this post, we will guide you in hiring the right VA for your business in 2022.

Guide to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistant in 2022

Guide to Hire Shopify Virtual Assistant

Follow the below-given steps or process to hire Shopify virtual assistant in 2022:

Decide the tasks & processes that you need to outsource

Before hiring a Shopify virtual assistant for your online marketplace, you need to decide what are tasks that you want to outsource. We would advise you to outsource the tasks which – don’t carry a lot of importance, require special skills that you don’t have, and the tasks consume too much time. These are the 3 types of tasks that should be outsourced to virtual assistants.

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eCommerce virtual assistant jobs Description

After deciding the list of tasks that you have to outsource, you should create a job description for the role. An ideal job description should have:

  • Educational Requirements
  • Professional experience needed
  • List of duties & responsibilities
  • Knowledge of tools & technologies that they are expected to use
  • An overview of your own eCommerce business

Post the job description online

After getting the job description ready, you should post it online. There are various job portals where you can post them. Try to post it on as much as possible. Because, if you post it on more platforms, you will receive more applications. Also, the chances of getting the right VA Shopify for your business increase.

Applications and Interviews

You will receive many applications after posting them online. So, now you have to start reviewing the applications and then schedule the interviews with the candidates. You can take the interview face-to-face or you can take the interview online.

Before taking the interview, prepare the questions related to the profile that you are hiring. If you have made the questions ready before the interview itself then it will save your time and will also help you to find the perfect Shopify virtual assistant.

Take the test of the candidates

Instead of directly hiring a particular Shopify virtual assistant, we would advise you to select the top 4-5 candidates and then take their test by giving them a task. Select a task that would be part of their normal responsibilities and assess how well they complete it. This will help you to hire the right candidate for the job.

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Creating training material

Once you hire the Shopify virtual assistant candidates, you should provide them with proper training so that they can perform their job in the right way. You should develop a customized training plan catering to the job needs.

Create a written training manual and a standard operating procedure for the outsourced assistance that spells out the task, techniques and goals. You can also make a PPT or a PDF for better and easy understanding.

Start with the probation period

After you hire Shopify virtual assistants you should test them for an initial 1 or 2 months. The hired candidate doesn’t need to do the work properly.

So, you can test him/her for a few weeks or months and see his performance. If you are satisfied with his/her performance then you can give them the permanent role, otherwise, you can also ask them to leave. However, do mention the probation period before joining only, so that everything remains transparent.

Working Hours

Be clear about the working hours, you should tell them about the working hours before their joining only. When you are explaining the job details, at that time, you should also mention them about the working hours. By this, they can be ready when you need them. Otherwise, it is quite frustrating when your employee or assistant is not available when you need him or her. So, be very clear about the working hours of the job.


In conclusion, we would say that hiring Shopify virtual assistants has many benefits today like low cost, timely availability, etc. Therefore, you should hire a virtual assistant. However, you may feel that hiring a Shopify virtual assistant is a difficult task. But if you follow the process or steps that we have mentioned then you can easily hire the right virtual assistant for your business.

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