Best Golf RangeFinder In-Depth Review for 2020

The rangefinder is the device that measures the distance from the observer to a target, in an exceedingly process called ranging in Golf sport. Ranging is that one term applied to distance measurement with moving objects. Combining several measurements during a time sequence results in tracking and tracing.

Even though 2020 has not yet ended, the truth here is that it is doubtful any new golf rangefinder will be released that offer anything that will best these three truly excellent models on the market. What are these three models? Let’s take a look.

The Two Names Synonymous with “The Best”

Golf RangeFinder

There are two names in the industry which are commonly mentioned when the topic of the best ranger finder available. These names are: Bushnell & Leupold

These two brands have produced three golf rangefinders which are commonly mentioned as being among the very best of the best. Here is a very brief overview of these three excellent devices which can certainly enhance your golf game….

· Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder | Tour V2 Rangefinder
· Bushnell Hybrid Laser/GPS Rangefinder | Hybrid Rangefinder
· Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder | GX-4 Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V2: Anyone wondering why the Bushnell brand is such a powerful one in the industry just needs to do one very simple thing. They just have to take a closer look at high-quality products such as the Bushnell Tour V2 which is a stunningly innovative device.

This is definitively one of the very best golf range finders on the market as it is known for its incredible accuracy and ranger determinations thanks to its highly innovative PinSeeker technology. Truthfully, there are very few rangefinders that can match what the Tour V2 has to offer.

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Bushnell Hybrid Laser/GPS Rangefinder: Golfers were likely stuck with having to choose between a laser range finder or a GPS system. Now, Bushnell has done the previously unthinkable. It has released a brilliant model that combines both technological components.

The fact that it is a hybrid is not the most impactful attribute of the Bushnell Hybrid Laser / GPS Rangefinder. The truly most effective aspect is the fact that the technology is near perfect and your accuracy potential will be increased tremendously.

Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder: 2020 may end up being remembered as the year of the Leupold GX-4 Rangefinder because this amazing device is packed with featured which can enhance your golf game dramatically.

Features such as club selector, True Golf Range, prism lock, and enhanced scan mode take this range finder to the top of consumer lists for the best range finder.

2020 is truly a historic year for golf ranger finders as the three brilliant devices listed here are reflected off the amazing brilliance of these solid releases.

Anyone that flips through the top golfing magazines or reads the main golfing news websites will likely have come across articles or editorials discussing the many golf range finders available. Obviously, opinions are objective but there has to be a little subjective analysis in the equation as well.

Namely, you have to determine which golf range finders on the market deliver what that promise. It would seem that a consensus has arrived and there are three models that can credibly lay claim to the mantle of the best range finder devices for avid golfers:

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Of course, this does lead us to the questions regarding why these golf range finders are so valuable and worthy of praise.

Rangefinder Features, Traits, and Attributes

Golf RangeFinder

Obviously, there are scores of helpful and definitive traits and features these rangefinders provide that makes them such excellent selections. Among those top traits are:

Accuracy and Lower Scores: These golf range finders will improve your accuracy, will reduce the number of swings you take, and they will lower your score. In short, they deliver on what they promise.

Innovative and Advanced Technology: These three models are known for bringing incredibly new technology to the market. Bushnell’s hybrid systems combine lasers with GPS, the Leupold offers a club selector and True Range Finder, the Bushnell Tour V2 is designed with PinSeeker technology which further ensures you can put the ball where you wish it to go.

These systems are reliable and durable. They are built to last and can handle repeated use without faltering or starting to wear down. That means you will not need to be in a rush to replace your investment within a few months.

Consumer Research

Obviously, these three golf range finders do have their differences as well. Consumers do need to perform a lot of research into the exact specifics of these golf range finders. Once you can determine the various specific attributes of the different models, you can then select the best range finder for your needs.

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