Best Gaming Laptop Core i9

Best Gaming Laptop Core i9-9900K 64GB RAM Laptop

Alienware Area 51m is the latest generation of laptops that utilizes Intel Core i9 processor. Compared to AMD-based laptops, Alienware Area 51m tagged best gaming laptop because of its computing performance and value for your money. The laptop has excellent performance and has excellent features which can give you faster computing experience.

The main reason why this laptop has the best performance is due to its quad-core CPU, which is the most important feature that is used by the laptop. With the processor of the laptop, you can use more applications and programs at the same time with a lower CPU load.

The best gaming laptop is also equipped with an aluminium frame, which makes the laptop lighter than the other models. Laptop users can get the best gaming experience without the burden of carrying heavy gaming laptops. These laptops are more compact, hence you can carry it easily and use it anywhere anytime.

Alienware Area 51m also has advanced technology that includes wireless, USB 3.0, mini Display Port, and Bluetooth. This best gaming laptop allows user to connect to wireless networks anywhere in the world. You can enjoy these advanced technologies such as mobile connectivity options, but the core of the laptop is the performance of the Core i9 processor.

The Best Gaming Laptop has an Iconic Design with Modern Edge

The Alienware laptop raises the bar for innovative engineering with its game-changing design. The new visual ID was inspired by our early industrial designs, marking a return to form while taking cues from our original roots.

The new futuristic design of the Area-51m reflects the diverse, evolving nature of gamers everywhere, incorporating high contrast, performance-focused engineering with blended bone lines, angled sections, bold lighting, and celebrated thermals.

  • Bold lighting: The latest evolution of AlienFX lighting features a striking ring of light at the rear of the system, highlighting system performance while maintaining ultimate customizability.
  • Narrow bezel: The Area-51m features a drastic reduction of screen borders thanks to its narrow bezel with a three-knuckle hinge. This reduces the mass and maintains a strong connection to the base.
  • Honeycomb design: The new thermal pattern features hexagonal vents for an enhanced airflow with a 47% improvement rate from previous designs, enabling higher performance while keeping your system cool.
  • Premium shell: The unique magnesium alloy exoskeleton enables enhanced rigidity while reducing overall chassis weight. This allows more space for high-performance components inside the machine.
  • Dual colour options: Gamers can choose between a new, futuristic look in Lunar Light or Dark Side of the Moon, a darker, more traditional appearance.

The Best Gaming Laptop Gaming Enhancing Features

A keyboard like no other: With an upgraded Alienware TactX keyboard, N-key rollover technology enables over 108-key commands for maximum actions per minute and 2.2mm of key travel allows for rapid response for any keystroke. Per-key AlienFX lighting delivers customizable lighting profiles, while programmable macro keys let you create gaming and non-gaming shortcuts for over 150 game titles.

The TactX keyboard also features a steel back plate which offers improved rigidity and uniform feedback while typing across all keys for an enhanced experience that guarantees up to 10 million keystrokes.

  • 2.5Gbps Ethernet: The Area-51m is our first-ever system to feature a 2.5Gbps bandwidth Ethernet connection, giving gamers 2.5x the amount of common wired Ethernet connections for blazing-fast file transfers through Killer E3000 ethernet port.
  • Thunderbolt Type-C port: This multi-use port is ready to be used as a USB 3.1 port, offering 10Gbps of data transfer, a Thunderbolt connection capable of 40Gbps, or even a DisplayPort enabling various monitors supporting the DisplayPort protocol.
  • Exceptional battery life: Up to a 90Wh battery delivers longer uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Hear every battle cry: Experience every sound with best-in-class speakers for a laptop. High-end headphone support delivers outstanding fidelity while Far Field Audio improves microphone performance. and much more

This best gaming laptop also has a unique feature called Radeon GPU, which gives a great gaming experience

RAM slots for up to 64GB are available in this best gaming laptop. With the increased memory, you can enjoy various kinds of applications and games that can make your PC experience more thrilling one.

Although this laptop has wireless connectivity options, this cannot be used for internet browsing and downloading. However, the best gaming laptop can perform well when it comes to gaming and movie watching. Other interesting features of this laptop are the built-in speakers and full-size USB port.

You can get these ports for your own convenience and at the same time, you can share videos and pictures with your friends and family. There is also an audio port that allows you to connect external speakers for enhanced sound quality. RAM is also supported in this laptop. There is a large memory space that can be used by all kinds of applications such as music, movies, games, and programs.

And lastly, we can say that this laptop is easy to update. There are many features that can update and install new versions of programs very easily. So, if you want to have a fantastic computing experience, this best gaming laptop is the best choice for you. You can get the best gaming experience in computing speed and reliability of a laptop.

You can search the market and get the best laptop at a reasonable price. But for all the best deals, compare the different laptops with the help of various reviews and classifieds websites to find the best deal for you,

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