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Best Free 3D Modelling Software for Home Design

The Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design software that allows you to plan and develop floor plans as well as the ability to arrange furniture on it and view the results in 3D. As an interior designer, Sweet Home 3D modelling software offers you a chance to see a remodelled room or a brand new home before a single nail has been driven.

With a fairly simple premise and impressive results, this slightly flawed program is certainly something to get the imagination going. The interior design software interface is very easy to use. The left side of the screen has a file tree for every room in the house, and clicking on each room presents a list of all right furniture you can drag into the adjacent box.

The interior design software area is a grid with measurements corresponding to room size. Below the file, the tree is a space for each item in the room and its approximate size. At the bottom of the screen is a small box that provides a 3D view to design a room in a very simple way.

By dragging furniture into the grid and positioning it as you envision your redesigned room, a clear picture appears below, providing an impression of space that two-dimensional sketches cannot. In addition, there is an exciting Virtual Visit option that lets you walk through your home and its rooms.

Sweet Home 3D Free Interior Design Software Features

Free 3D Modelling Software
  • Insert doors and windows in walls by dragging them in the plan, and let Sweet Home 3D compute their holes in walls.
  • Add furniture to the plan from a searchable and extensible catalogue organized by categories such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom…
  • You can use the Free 3D Modelling Software to change colour, texture, size, thickness, location and orientation of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings.
  • While designing the home in 2D, simultaneously view it in 3D from an aerial point of view, or navigate into it from a virtual visitor point of view.
  • Annotate the plan with room areas, dimension lines, texts, arrows and show the North direction with a compass rose.
  • Create photorealistic images and videos with the ability to customize lights and control sunlight effect according to the time of day and geographic location.
  • Import home blueprint to draw walls upon it, 3D models to complete default catalogue, and textures to customize surfaces.
  • Print and export PDFs, bitmap or vector graphics images, videos and 3D files in standard file formats.
  • Extend the features of Sweet Home 3D with plug-ins programmed in Java, or by developing a derived version based on its Model View Controller architecture.
  • Choose the language displayed in the user interface of Sweet Home 3D Modelling Software and its rich help from 25 languages.
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You can download the Sweet Home 3D interior design software to run it offline under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, or use the software online version from any browser supporting Java. Design home plans for free with Sweet Home 3D distributed under GNU General Public License, even for commercial purposes.

Mechanical Drawing Software for 3D Design Free Download

DesignSpark mechanical drawing software is a free 3D modelling software that enables users to solid model in a 3D environment and creates files for use with 3D printers. Using the direct modelling approach allows for unlimited and frequent design changes using an intuitive set of tools.

The 3D mechanical drawing software is based on the SpaceClaim Engineer application and is the product of a collaboration between RS Components and SpaceClaim Corporation. The goal of this 3D modelling software is to offer free 3D CAD software with many features of the high-end software is to engage with those who perhaps do not need or who cannot afford premium branded 3D CAD software, such as Engineering Students or small businesses.

The free 3D mechanical drawing software allows users to generate all the files required to take your project from the circuit diagram to layout schematic to a circuit board built project. Gerbers (Extended RS-274-X), Excellence, BOMs, component lists and positions are possible along with DXF (import and export) and IDF for interfacing to mechanical CAD software. Supports the importing of Eagle CAD design files, circuit diagrams and libraries.

DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing Software Features

3D Design for every engineer

Design and make in 3D like never before. DesignSpark Mechanical is a free mechanical CAD software, enabling users to rapidly prototype or reverse engineer any physical object. An effective solution for both practising engineers and hobbyists alike, it can be your gateway to the exciting world of 3D Printing.

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Seamless integration into existing design workflows

The range of free-of-charge design tools and resources take users brightest ideas all the way through to final production. Whether you’re looking for a design alone tool, a range of technical information, a complete design ecosystem, the software complete suite can be integrated seamlessly into your existing design workflow.

Generate Bill-of-Materials and get instant online quotes

You can use the 3D modelling software to create a BoM instantly at the click of a button and get quotes with live price & stock information through the RS online or Allied Electronics websites. Work with a variety of industry-standard file formats (including STL, SKP, OBJ, AutoCAD DXF, etc.): Pick up where you left off! Easily collaborate (3D PDFs) and exchange files with other MCAD software or get your model ready to print using STL output.

DesignSpark mechanical drawing software allows you to specify the material properties for the solid objects in your assembly. There is a local library of commonly used industrial & production-grade materials. Users can also add new material to your local library.

You will need to list certain physical properties to define the material. Every engineer can use the DesignSpark mechanical drawing software to quickly design and change product concepts in 3D without having to learn complex traditional CAD software. Results include faster turnaround times, zero investment in procuring/training with new CAD software and true innovation.
You can download DesignSpark Mechanical 3D modelling software via the DS Mechanical Download page on the DesignSpark website. Guidelines about 32/64bit and step-by-step activation processes are also included on this page.

DesignSpark mechanical drawing software was created to fulfil your needs as a 3D CAD designer without imposing the huge costs and lengthy training associated with some 3D CAD packages. Still, there are times when you may need a helping hand with our software, whether you have a burning question or simply want to suggest some improvements.

3D Design Software for Electrical and Engineering Drawing

SmartDraw easy drafting and 3D design software will give you the power to work from any device. This 3D design software is not as complex and is as difficult to use as the other traditional drafting software. SmartDraw is easy enough for a novice with robust, powerful features that will please any expert.

You can use SmartDraw 3D modelling software on your Windows desktop or use the online edition in your browser or mobile device. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you will enjoy the full set of features, symbols, and high-quality output you get only with SmartDraw drafting software.

DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing Software Features

There are thousands of ready-made symbols and presentation-quality themes in the 3D modelling software library that are available to use in making your drafting plan presentation-ready in minutes instead of the hours or days in other traditional drafting software.

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Once your plan is complete, you have the power to share it in a variety of common graphics formats, such as a PDF or PNG. Export it to any Office application in one click. SmartDraw 3D modelling software also works on your SharePoint network or with popular services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

SmartDraw 3D Design Software Full Features

  • Quick-Start Drafting Plan Templates: Hundreds of drafting templates and examples make you instantly productive. Choose a template that is most similar to your drafting project and customize it to suit your needs.
  • Extensive Drafting Symbol Library: SmartDraw 3d design software includes a wide array of mechanical engineering and architectural symbols for every type of drafting project.
  • Intuitive Interface: SmartDraw 3D modelling software helps you align and arrange everything perfectly. And SmartDraw’s “intelligent” connecting lines stay attached to your components even when you move them around. You can quickly draft up a facility plan without having to learn another difficult drafting program.
  • Free Support: Have a question? Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, free.

You have the Liberty to Easily Create the following

  • Floor plans
  • Facility plans
  • Building plans
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Landscape layouts
  • Electrical schematics
  • Mechanical drawings
  • and much more

SmartDraw 3D design software simplifies the process of managing projects. The automated design makes SmartDraw as easy to use as a word processor but produces perfect, presentation-quality visual diagrams. Switch between project chart, timeline and other views with just a click. Download the SmartDraw 3D modelling software for free and discover why it can beat other drafting software hands down.

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