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A Forex trading platform is a piece of software that acts as a conduit for information between a trader and a broker. A trading platform provides information such as quotes and charts. The Forex trading platforms software can be locally based, meaning it is installed on the trader’s computer and can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux systems different brokers offer different options in this respect. Alternatively, some brokers offer software that is web-based.

The Forex trading platforms are often available free-of-charge, but some brokers allow traders to buy platforms that have a higher functionality for a fee. Other Forex brokers provide platforms with different levels of functionality for traders who are more active.

NetTradeX Forex trading platform is a software package for traders to do online trading in Forex and CFD markets. It is a new generation platform which provides various trading opportunities as well as the chance of creating your own instruments, extended analysis with a wide form of technical indicators, as well as a trading opportunity.

NetTradeX Forex trading platform is one of the few trading platforms that are featured by extended practicality

– Real-time transactions with a lot of forex trading platform instruments
– Limitless trading volumes with as very little as one unit of the base currency
– Availability of all kinds of Forex trading orders and their mixtures as well as Stop, Limit, Pending, Market, Activated, Trailing Stop mode, etc.
– Availability of simultaneously visualizing many charts with each setting and templates
– Technical analysis tools that are updated often
– The latest news feed directly on the trading platform for market sentiment estimation and basic analysis

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– Trading accounts’ history that shows all the trading and balance operations
– Money withdrawal instantly from the trading account
– Security and confidentiality of trading transactions and information transmission
Unique Features:
– Trading with new financial instruments created by yourself from a wide form of obtainable assets. This has become possible due to the new innovative PCI technology.
– Deep price history of the created instruments, reaching up to 40 years
– Getting a new cross rate for all available currencies

Best Forex Trading Platform

How to produce and Trade PCIs

The technology of creating PCI relies on GeWorko technique and is completed on the NetTradeX Forex trading platform. This technology follows the intuitive method that applies the currency exchange rate conception to a large vary of monetary instruments. While the currency exchange rate expresses the worth of the bottom currency in units of the quoted one, the PCI technology replaces the base and the quoted currencies by 2 assets or perhaps two portfolios.

PCIs represent two portfolio instruments wherever the assets that control long are classified in the “base” portfolio, and the assets that are command short are classified within the “quote” portfolio. The ratio of base and quote portfolio worths is referred to because of the PCI value.

NetTradeX allows to produce and trade an unlimited range of latest instruments by composing portfolios from various standard assets. This enables traders to form their own instruments supported their ability and data of market dynamics and money assets.

What NetTradeX Forex Trading Advisors

NetTradeX Advisors is a complimentary Forex trading platform that enables automatic trading through the inbuilt language NTL+ and enhances the practicality of the most platform. On this complementary trading platform too, users can do the basic operations like setting orders, using charts and indicators, opening and closing positions during a “manual” mode. Moreover, they can do visual Forex trading, i.e. perform the operations directly on the chart.

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How to download NetTradeX Forex Trading Platform

The nettradeX trading platform is accessible on various devices making it much easier for users to download and apply it to their desired Forex trading software. Besides NetTradex PC, they can use the platform for devices powered by iOS, Android and Windows Mobile due to that they are doing not ought to keep near personal computers, however, have the chance of constructing deals on money markets from anywhere around the world.

Forex traders do not have to open multiple accounts on NetTradeX since having one account is enough for getting access to both the Forex and CFD markets. NetTradeX CFD and Forex trading software supports both market and pending orders, OCO order and server-side Trailing Stop mode, thus, all trading strategies can be implemented in this trading software.

The flexible design and professional functions of the platform make the most convenient environment for CFD and Forex trading. And professional Forex trader can create their own instruments through PCI technology, make a deep analysis of various instruments, find correlations between them and trade instruments created by them.

Due to this unique technology they can get new cross rates, currency indexes, stock portfolios, portfolios for pair trading and much more. All this is available from a single NetTradeX account.

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