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Best Drawing Tablet | XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Buyer Guides

The biggest question whenever a new drawing tablet come out is that ‘how well does it fare against the competitors?’. With every new product, each company says that this is their new, improved product. That is very typical of a company to say because they have to sell their product.

The thing that we want is the most versatile tablet that is good in every department. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 has a lightweight build. The stylus in this drawing tablet is great with features like tilt sensitivity. There are some things that make it weak but its price to performance ratio makes it the best drawing tablet in the business.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Drawing Tablet Features


The display is the most crucial part of a drawing tablet because you want to have the best experience that you can get. It has a 15.6” display with Full HD 1920*1080 resolution. It has a colour reproduction of 84%. The colour accuracy of this tablet is also quite good, but it is not perfect.

You will eventually need a colour calibrator to get the original colours when printing your art. The display on this tablet is very bright. The buttons can adjust the brightness level present on the tablet’s side. The laminated display reduces the parallax.

You can definitely notice them, but they are minor, and you will immediately get used to it. The screen also comes with an anti-glare cover on top, which helps in reducing the reflections. The display of this tablet is more similar to a smartphone because it feels like you are touching a smartphone screen.


The stylus of this tablet has no battery. The pressure sensitivity has 8192 adjustment levels. There is also 60-degree tilt functionality available. There is a bad thing about this stylus, which is that tilt functionality is not as sensitive, and the alignment can also get askew. The pressure sensor feels a bit unresponsive. If you a person that prefers the slightest movements, then you will be somewhat disappointed.

One of the worst things about this tablet is the line lag. It basically ruins the whole experience. If you have a habit of creating very flush lines, then it can be a problem. If you are a professional and care about the minor details and mistakes, then you will get frustrated in correcting your brushstrokes.

It also has a pen holder in which you can put your pen. Nibs are replaceable and there are eight already present. Extra nibs are a great thing if you are travelling. The holder can also be turned into a stand. The tablet doesn’t have a dedicated slot for a pen.


The best thing about the tablet is that you can use a USB connection to display and can also use it to draw with just one cable. You don’t an AC source every time. If you have a battery bank, then you can use it where ever you want. This makes the portability side of this device very appealing.

This tablet is very lightweight than its competitors, but its build quality looks weak in comparison. If you are a person with heavy hands, the screen will distort a bit if you push hard on the screen. This is a minor issue.

Key Features

This tablet has shortcut keys built into it that are present on the side. There is also a red dial that can basically zoom and It can do all sorts of other things like adjusting the brush size. This tablet also has a plastic stand which feels cheap. You can only just rest the tablet on the stand.

Good and Bad Things

XP-Artist 15.6 Pro has all of the features a great drawing tablet should have. It has the right size with a nice lightweight feel to it. It is compact and easy to carry. The price to performance ratio of this tablet is quite high. Most of the creators who buy this tablet will be more than happy with it. It has a superb appeal to it due to its price alone.

While there are a lot of positive things, there are bad things about this. The stylus can be a bit finicky. If you are an artist, you care about the finest of details; then, its inadequate sensitivity will be a significant hurdle in your way. The lines that come out are very uneven.

Buy it or not?

As you have seen, drawing tablets are getting better and better. There is not much of a difference between the top best ones. There are only little things that make one thing stand out other than the other. The same is the case here.

XP-Artist 15.6 Pro is a great tablet if you care about price. The screen of this tablet is perfect. It covers a lot of colour gamut and provides the right colours. The brightness of this tablet is also really high.

When you are comparing with colour accuracy and overall build quality, then this tablet is not as good as the competitors. They offer better colour accuracy, which is a massive deal for content creators. The line quality is another thing in which XP-Artist 15.6 Pro lacks.

The lines that come out are not that fine. The Wacom Cintiq and Apple iPad Pro are the biggest competitors of this tablet. They have a much better colour profile and better pen support. You are looking for a speaker for your table best bookshelf speakers under 200.

If you are only focusing on drawing and not anything else, then you are better off with spending less on the XP-Artist 15.6 Pro instead of buying the expensive iPad. If you are on the look for a bright and beautiful 1080p drawing tablet, then this is the best option for you.

It is also not that hard on your pocket, which is essential. Price does make a lot of difference. This thing stands out from the crowd due to its price. That is why anyone looking for a drawing tablet should consider buying the XP-Artist 15.6 Pro for its extremely high price. Source

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