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Best Customizable AMC Management Software in 2020

Each service-based service industry provides retention services to its customers by adopting AMC. AMC means an annual maintenance contract in which a company charges a specific product for a specific period and fixed service from a customer for a specific amount. You can manage AMC services using the AMC Management Software, create new AMC and add AMC.

When you select a client, the program automatically enters client data from the client master record. You must select an AMC period. This can be 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. According to the interests of the client. If you specify a start date for the Management Software, the program calculates the end date based on the Management Software period. You can manage several conditions for clients.

Enter your product information under Management Software and provide your serial number to identify which products are covered by the Management Softwaramc warranty. The note can indicate the location of the product or other information related to the product for reference. Enter the Management Software quantity and cost for the product.

AMC Management Software
AMC Management Software

You can set the appropriate tax and the program will automatically generate the Management Software contract. In the Management Software view, there is a customer number under the Management Software. In addition, the toolbar receives the rest of the Management Software service and services the client at a specified time, so that the client is satisfied.

AMC Agreement Panel

When you add AMC, a contract for the Management Software is automatically created. This contract is proof of a new AMC for a specific period. You can add some AMC terms and conditions to the wizard and use them when creating the Management Software. This helps to maintain different conditions depending on the customer and the product.

Schedule AMC Service Accordingly

When a Management Software is created, a recurring service is automatically created for the software. For example, suppose you have a contract with a customer for one year and have agreed to provide four services. Therefore, the software plans four services every three months for one year. See how many services are planned and for which clients. The software notifies you when the current date approaches the service date. This ensures that all services are delivered to clients as expected.

Get AMC/ Service Reminders

The toolbar displays AMC reminders and AMC services. When you notify AMC, you will be informed how to terminate AMC, and you can ask the client to update the Management Software. The software service reminders remind you of the services offered to a particular customer.

Get Graphical Summary of All Complaint

Graphic representation is a powerful messaging technique used to summarize messages. The management software provides a summary of the complaint in a graphical representation of the panel itself. The summary of complaints by status shows the number of complaints for each status.

You can use the monthly complaint summary table to analyze the number of complaints you receive each month. You can classify complaints according to the type of complaint. To do this, you need to add the claim type to the master claim type. Each time a complaint/ticket is filed, you must select the type of complaint. This will help you analyze the types of complaints you receive over and over.

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Smart Summary Report

AMC management software has an overview of the Smart Dashboard. Includes AMC or annual service contract overview, the Management Software services and complaints. You can see how many Management Software services are open and how many AMC are waiting. This includes an overview of one service. You can also see the number of open and pending complaints. Clicking on a link will take you immediately to the corresponding report.

Track your Client History easily

It is important to know and understand the benefits of customer relationships. To analyze this, you first need to know how many services to provide to a particular client. Sometimes service providers offer customers more service and support than profit. Finally, having such a client is useless because there is no benefit. With the AMC Management System, you can get all complaints, the Management Software warranty status, sales warranty status with one click.

Track report with Serial Number

When you sell a product, you can set a warranty period. During this warranty period, you can always resolve any issues that you can solve for free. However, it is important to determine if your product is still under warranty. management software tracks serial numbers at the point of sale.

To do this, you need to specify a serial number when creating a sales record. Therefore, the software has a record of which products expire when. One year, two years, etc. just by selecting the warranty period. The end date is calculated automatically by the software. When the customer arrives for service, the serial number can be verified using the truck serial number.

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Industry Straight up

The management software can be used in any industry that provides services for a specific period of time. In the CCTV business example, service providers offer free services after a certain period of installation. After installation, the service provider must track how many services need to be provided, how many services are waiting, and so on.

If they can’t handle it, clients will not be happy and will not be able to grow their business from existing clients. Therefore, the conclusion is that if you have the concept of the Management Software contract with a customer, or service-based industry, you can use this software for systematic management. Get Free Demo And Trial. Get Free Demo And Trial

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