Best approaches to import PST files from Outlook to Hotmail

Nowadays, for various reasons, users want to import Outlook PST files to Hotmail. But to move Outlook PST files to Hotmail account, you must keep some crucial techniques in mind. There is a situation where users of Outlook want to retain their contacts or address book forever, so they decide to move PST contacts to Hotmail account.

Hotmail is easily accessible anytime and anywhere as a web-based email client. It makes an amazing experience with a lot of apps making it a stand-alone application. We, therefore, come up with some important methods to migrate Outlook PST files to Hotmail account.

Reasons behind Import Outlook PST files to Hotmail account-

As we know, is a growing email client used worldwide, formerly Hotmail. Nonetheless, most Outlook users want to move their PST file Outlook data to Hotmail or

Hotmail is an email client available at any time from anywhere. This provides an unforgettable experience that separates it from other email clients. Suppose you want PST files to be exported. So, here are some important reasons to move Outlook PST files to Hotmail.

Personal Folders

Hotmail offers directories for personal use. Such options allow you to group emails by category, so you can search for related emails easily if you want to.

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Filtering Spam capabilities

These days, Hotmail is formally known as Outlook, a regular email client. It provides free web-based email accounts for all its users. It also has an excellent tool for efficient spam filtering.

Accessible instantly

Hotmail is an Internet email server, as we all know. Compared to other email clients, it has the greatest advantage of having fast data access anytime and anywhere. Through Hotmail, or if you have the Internet, you can stay in touch through relatives and friends around the world.

Now switch towards the methods of importing Outlook PST files into Hotmail without wasting your precious time.

Method 1: Manually Upload your Outlook data to Hotmail


Importing data from Default Mail folders

During the process of importing data from default mail folders like Inbox, Sent Objects, etc., you can face the problem. To import PST into your account, first, you need to pick all items using (CTRL+A) keys and then shift all selected items to your account folder.

Importing Outlook Calendar

The best way to import Outlook PST calendar to Hotmail is to switch the Calendar view to the List tab through the View Tab.

Importing Outlook Contacts

The moving contact process is the same as transferring emails from the Inbox directory. You can use the Home Tab to change the view of the list to export contacts easily.

Importing Outlook Task

  • Choose the Task Folder and not the To-Do List.
  • Choose a Simple List or Detailed List and ensure that filters are not used.

This particular phase will also enable you to transfer the previously completed task history.

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Method 2: as a Default set and from Outlook remove PST

After uploading all of your data, you can delete your PST file from Outlook. Follow step-by-step to uninstall Outlook PST files:

  1. Initially, open Outlook and hit on File > Account Settings.
  2. Press Email option and if the POP3 account is still there remove it.
  3. Press on Data Files and then set the ost-file of your account as the default.
  4. When Outlook gets prompted, restart it.
  5. Now, visit the Data File tab again.
  6. Make location of the PST-file in mind.
  7. Then choose your PST-file and press on Remove.
  8. Delete the PST-file and close the Outlook. You can also read, Resolve Access runtime error 3151.

Method 3: Try Qualified Solution

Office 365 Backup and Restore is one of the simplest ways to restore Outlook PST files directly to accounts. This program can also be run by a non-technical client because it has the simplest GUI. Without time, you will get to the account for all the PST files imported. With this feature, you can also restore PST addresses along with attachments.

Working of Office 365 backup and restore utility:

  1. Launch office 365 utility first.
  2. Browse for Office 365 restore option, then open it.
  3. On the text box appears, enter the valid Hotmail credentials in which the mail has to be restored.
  4. Press Add PST Files button and choose the PST file which has to be added.
  5. Choose that Email Address(Hotmail) in which the PST file has to be imported.
  6. Choose the Folders to be restored in Office 365 and then Apply Date Range Filter if required.
  7. At last, the user will see a confirmation dialogue box after all the files are successfully imported.
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Final Thoughts

Here we discussed how to import Outlook PST Files to Hotmail account. This guide explains how to move emails from Outlook to without any data loss.

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