Best Affiliate Software to Track Your Referrals

Affiliate Software is using to keep track of the referral, endorsement, or sale made by a person or business to a person or business. With many affiliate programs, an affiliate can set up links to sites that they promote and place advertisements on their websites.

This software program will help track all the sales that are generated from these links. The program can also help track and record any profits that have been made. By having this software program in place, it will be easy for the affiliate to monitor their own sales and help them improve their skills.

There are several affiliate programs that offer affiliate software to their affiliates. Some of these programs will also provide a tracking system to let you know where your customers are coming from.

You can use the affiliate software to see how much traffic you are getting

The more traffic you get, the higher the chances are of making a sale. Affiliate software programs are generally a simple form of software that will allow you to keep track of all the traffic generated from your affiliate sites.

There are many different types of tracking programs available to your affiliates. The software program will be able to record information such as the date of the affiliate link being clicked, the number of times that the link has been clicked, the number of people that clicked on the link, and other information.

This information will help you better understand what type of marketing you are doing to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your affiliate links. The more traffic that comes to your affiliate sites, the more successful your marketing efforts are.

One of the great features that is available with these tracking systems is that it allows you to create multiple reports. These reports will allow you to look at the data that you have collected over time.

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The information that you are going to be able to collect over time will give you a better picture of the types of campaigns that you have been running. The type of affiliate software program that you choose will ultimately depend on the type of campaign that you are running

It will depend on the type of traffic that is generating in your affiliate campaign. The more traffic that is generating in the campaign the more options you will have to use. For instance, if you were using Google AdSense to promote your affiliate site then you would need to use a different system than if you were using Google Ads to promote your affiliate program.

There are many different types of affiliate software programs to choose from so you can find the one that meets your needs best


Affiliate Software

This is a conversion tracking and attribution platform for performance marketers. The affiliate software will boosts your ROI by perfectly tracking and attributing conversions from any Affiliate Network and across all your marketing channels.

Once you start using TrackingDesk, you instantly gain access to actionable campaign insights. Group, filter, slice and pivot literally any type of campaign attributes so you can pinpoint, your most valuable traffic and audience attributes.

You can connect to your favorite marketing apps with TrackingDesk affiliate software and leverage your campaign data across different channels, attribute conversions to subscribers or provide reporting access to media partners, clients or remote workers.


This is a web-based affiliate marketing software that helps advertisers, agencies and online marketers in creating a custom affiliate program that monitors, compares, and understands marketing campaigns. ClickMeter is easy to use and records solution and activities that occur in different channels.

ClickMeter provides real-time reports and status of affiliate programs. It allows users to make decisions based on up-to-date information. Top online marketer prefers this solution and is one of the best affiliate software.

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Post Affiliate Pro

This is the most prominent affiliate management software available globally and is a powerful solution for online stores and eCommerce websites that help them track and monitor their affiliate network.

The software is trusted by more than 27,000 affiliate marketing companies globally, Post Affiliate Pro allows affiliate marketers to create and manage their affiliate programs from top to bottom. It creates personalized commission structures and settings that help users to monitor their commission payout.


This is one affiliate software that will help you from building your own network of affiliates to tracking affiliates sales, Refersion is one of the best affiliate marketing software. It is a simple to use and integrated affiliate marketing software that helps customers turn into affiliates allowing simplified payments, helps online shops track sales by promoters, influencers, etc.

Digital marketing agencies prefer having Refersion affiliate software over any other as it offers businesses reports and results based on real-time data. You can use it to track any digital sale your affiliate refers, automate commissions and save time.


This is the ultimate shopping cart and affiliate management platform, empowering online Entrepreneurs and digital publishers with the tools to sell their products online.

PayKickstart is an online shopping cart and affiliate management platform with built-in conversion enhancing features like one-click upsells for credit card/PayPal, order bumps, custom checkout pages/widgets/embed forms, coupon management, auto-complete shipping fields, subscription saver sequences, and more.

You can scale your subscription business without the technical hurdles, leveraging a modern commerce platform armed with the tools, flexibility and automation to maximize revenue, increase conversions and minimize churn.


This is a cross-platform Affiliate Management Software enabling users to manage commission and payout structure efficiently. Top features include cover payout structures, marketing templates, billing integration, shopping carts and activity reporting.

With proven stability and hundreds of more features, it is one of the most sought-after affiliate marketing software. It is user-friendly and allows users to high-end customization and integration.

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When you are looking for an affiliate software program, you will want to make sure that the system is user friendly. Some of the affiliate programs software that you will find online will not be user friendly. The user-friendly type of affiliate software will allow the user to do everything themselves.

If you have a large affiliate program then you will need to spend some time making sure that you have a user-friendly affiliate software system. You will also need to decide what type of affiliate software that you want. Some of the programs will allow you to automatically update your tracking system to make sure that the tracking data is updated all the time.

Another thing to think about when you are looking at an affiliate software is whether or not you want to allow your affiliates to use it. Some affiliate software systems are so basic that you cannot use it without having to manually enter the information into the tracking system.

If you are going to be working on a larger affiliate program then it might be a good idea to use a piece of affiliate software that gives you the option to upload your tracking information to a web site. This is a great way to keep track of your affiliate tracking without having to input information every time you enter the tracking information.

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