Best 5 Crypto Passive Income Earning Platforms

Investing in cryptocurrencies can provide passive income. You can invest in crypto directly, or place your crypto assets in lending, yield farming, and staking protocols. Earning crypto passive income is possible with most digital currencies, but Ethereum is the most optimal since decentralized finance has deep ties with the Ethereum blockchain, which is the foundation for most lending protocols.

Here are some tips to earn crypto passive income with cryptocurrency. Read on! After you’ve read this article, you’ll be well-equipped to invest in these innovative tools.

UST Stablecoin

One way to earn crypto passive income on cryptocurrency is by using the UST stable coin. This crypto is backed by the Anchor Protocol. The system allows people to deposit funds on it and borrow funds from other users using the crypto.

These deposits and loans are protected, as they are secured by crypto assets. Users can earn crypto passive income up to 20% interest on their investments in return for holding this stablecoin. UST users can access the market at any time, and the transaction costs are low.

Best 5 Crypto Passive Income Earning Platforms

There are several cryptocurrencies with attractive interest rates. The Anchor Protocol pays a 20% interest rate on TerraUSD, but it recently dropped to 19.5%. In the long term, it could drop to 15%. Bybit also pays 18% interest on TerraUSD.

Beginners can use these coins to earn crypto passive income. The investment process is simple. The Anchor protocol is a popular choice for those new to crypto. There are also many beginners’ guides available online to help investors make the right decision.

Another way to earn UST passively is by using another cryptocurrency such as LUNA

UST is backed by the value of its sister cryptocurrency LUNA. As such, UST can deviate from the $1 peg. However, investors can still earn arbitrage opportunities by swapping their UST for LUNA and burning the LUNA. If the peg returns, UST will eventually return to its $1 peg value. If this strategy works, UST could become a lucrative passive income crypto investment.

Another way to earn UST passively is by staking cryptos on exchanges

This type of staking usually takes place through a CEX. It is also possible to stake cryptos on crypto lending platforms. However, there are certain risks associated with these investments. The profits from UST passive income crypto will vary based on the underlying asset. You can earn as much as 20% a year through UST passive income.


If you have been looking for a cryptocurrency that allows you to earn a crypto passive income, Avalanche is the right choice for you. This decentralized network allows you to earn money by lending other people’s crypto.

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When you lend someone else’s crypto, you will receive rewards in AVAX, the currency used by Avalanche. You can use these earnings to buy more AVAX tokens. You can invest in Avalanche through exchanges that already exist, including

Other decentralized networks include the 1inch Network, which unites decentralized protocols to provide the fastest operations in the DeFi space. Various other projects are launching their blockchain platforms that’ll crypto passive income possible, such as 420Swap, which trades digital art on the blockchain with a fixed yield rate.

Best 5 Crypto Passive Income Earning Platforms

To purchase Avalanche, you must stake your Colony token for at least 20 days. You can also buy AVAX with another cryptocurrency, such as

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Avalanche is a good investment if you want to start earning crypto passive income right away. If you’ve been holding on to your coins for several months, you can use the QuickStart Staking Guide to get a better idea of how to use Avalanche.

Another major asset-backed by Avalanche is the Multiverse

This project will make it easier for users to trade assets with crypto assets. Avalanche’s mainnet is expected to launch in 2020. It is already integrated with two other crypto assets –

  • TrueUSD
  • SushiSwap

The project is constantly developing and improving interoperability with Ethereum. In addition to the Multiverse, the Avalanche Foundation will also create an algorithmic stablecoin known as UST.


The Pangolin network has made it possible for anyone to earn multiple cryptos at once. Its automated market-maker model allows people to farm liquidity and swap hundreds of tokens, including native assets like a tether.

Ava Labs set up a governance structure that would allow the community to propose the core team. A majority vote would choose Justin, Leo, and Brandon as the founding members of the Pangolin network. The crypto passive income platform is fully decentralized, allowing users to participate in decentralized governance and influence the development of the project.

Token holders can also add as many as ten different cryptocurrencies at a time. Pangolin is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge decentralized exchanges. Recently, it has added support for Non-Fungible Tokens. Its price remains undervalued, and investors are bullish on the coin.

Avalanche is an AMM mechanism that gives Pangolin an edge over its competitors. Its low fees and highly decentralized nature make it a good choice for passive income. The community is driving development and is committed to the growth of its token.

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With a long-term growth plan, this coin will likely be worth a lot by 2022. For now, you can invest in it using the PNG token. Like other decentralized exchanges, Pangolin also has a social media following. Its Twitter account tweets new pools and lets users stay updated.

With this crypto passive income earning platform, you’ll get a daily return on your crypto, and you’ll have an easy way to keep up with the industry. It’s as simple as that! This cryptocurrency has become an extremely popular investment opportunity in the past few years, and you can make a lot of money by investing in it!

Liquid Swap

What is Liquid Swap? In a nutshell, Liquid Swap is a platform that allows users to buy and sell assets with local cash, as well as contribute assets to the pool and earn returns. It comprises several liquidity pools and two digital tokens – USDT and BTC.

Users can choose from a variety of pools and earn different returns based on the yields and cost. With this crypto passive income system, you’ll be able to trade cryptocurrencies in a low-risk environment and earn high amounts of passive income.

You’ll also be able to choose from several stable and innovative pools. In addition, you can add both fiat and stable coins to your pool. Unlike many other crypto passive income opportunities, Liquid Swap has minimal risks and requires no expertise or knowledge of the underlying technology.

To start trading in Liquid Swap, sign up for Binance and complete a quick tutorial. You’ll be able to earn crypto passive income by simply providing liquidity to other users. You can also choose which token pair you’d like to trade by using the Binance app.

\You’ll receive a notification each time you have a successful swap. The process is simple and involves just one click of your mouse. One of the most important things to keep in mind when investing in cryptocurrencies is the volatility of the market.

Digital assets can double in value in five days. The risk isn’t just the fact that you’re not making a profit; you’ll also be losing it. Ethereum, for example, can double in value within five days, so you’re not likely to get back your initial investment in that time. However, once you pull out your liquidity, you’ll realize the losses. If you are careful and don’t want to lose money, IL is not for you.


The EverGrow crypto passive income crypto is fast achieving its goal of becoming the top cryptocurrency to earn passive income. It has distributed $35 million in rewards to its coin holders in just five months. EverGrow is paying out an average of $260 per investor.

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This project is a part of the DeFi space, which means decentralised apps that help crypto investors earn more money. To learn more about this project, read below. The EverGrow Ecosystem is comprised of many platforms and utilities.

One of them is the Marketplace, which lets you lend non-fungible tokens to other people. The EverGrow ecosystem also features a content subscription platform and a play-to-earn game. The platform is currently being developed by EverGrow, and its plans include other projects. In addition to its coin, EverGrow is also launching a series of utility coins and platforms.

With a strong reflection mechanism, the EverGrow coin is well on its way to achieving this goal. It is currently ramping up volume and preparing to launch two key applications. These will include the NFT Marketplace and Crator content subscription platform, which will compete with Patreon and OnlyFans.

Compared to these platforms, EverGrow is promising to earn you money by decoupling crypto income from market fluctuations. The EverGrow ecosystem is composed of numerous connected applications, resulting in positive volume.

The EverGrow Coin is the first cryptocurrency to generate passive income. It is a Binance pegged US dollar cryptocurrency that has grown quickly. It was one of the first cryptocurrencies to reach a milestone of 25,000 holders, and its presale sold out in five minutes.

It has since grown to over $200M in market capitalization. To date, it has distributed more than $3M BUSD in rewards to its holders. This new coin is set to become one of the most popular platforms that offer cryptocurrency and DeFi solutions.

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Best 5 Crypto Passive Income Earning Platforms

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