Bespoke Magento website development: 11 Tips to Know

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to supercharge your eCommerce initiative with bespoke Magento website development to drive sales through optimized performance and an eye-catching web design tailored to your business identity and goals. You must provide the best shopping experience to your customers in every manner if you wish to keep their attention and business.

However, that’s easier said than done. Constant consumer engagement demands efforts on every step, like

  • Stellar websites
  • Easy navigation
  • Simplified checkouts
  • Visible offers and discounts
  • Relevant product line-up
  • Post-sales support, and much more.

Hiring external Magento experts is a hassle-free way to achieve this goal, beat the fierce competition, and generate the desired revenue. But, even then, you will need to determine the services of a Magento website development company that fits your constraints.

Bespoke Magento website development

For instance, if you have a restricted budget, you can go with Magento website development in India, the Philippines, Romania, Ukraine, or other countries where you can find reputable resources at reasonable prices.

If you are unsure how to choose a Magento website development agency due to the complexities involved in the process, follow these tips to hire web developers for your Magento eCommerce website development.

10 Tips To Select Your Ideal Magento Website Development Partner

Define Your Objectives Clearly

Before you start looking for the right Magento website development agency to fit your needs, you should clearly know your needs. It begins with

  • Defining your business objectives
  • The niche you want to operate in
  • Your target audience
  • Your short and long-term growth targets
  • Brand identity elements like theme and logo to match, etc.

These will act as the blueprint for the Magento website development process, providing a guidepost to centre all website elements around. Otherwise, the finished product may not be able to fulfil those objectives.

Check Their History/Portfolio

A professional Magento website development partner should have a history of delivering high-quality work to match their claims. Thus, you need to check your potential hire’s reputation by combing through various sources that can give you pertinent information.

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Start with their website

Have a look at how well it is designed and if the content in it tells about the services they offer. It gives a preliminary view of their capabilities. Then, head to its case studies/testimonial section and read through its past projects.

Thoroughly examine the course of action they took to meet their clients’ demands. See if the results match those expectations in the case studies section or the testimonials. If possible, contact their past clients and enquire about their experience working with the agency.

Cross-check what is present on your potential hire’ website with what the client has to say. You will get a good idea about how well the Magento website development agency can work for you.

Also, note any awards, accolades, special recognition, and certificates they possess. The presence of these items is a guaranteed sign that you are looking at a reputable and capable agency.

Glance At Their Reviews and Ratings

Extend your background research of your potential Magento developer by going through online reviews and ratings. Google is an excellent resource for this, as well as dedicated business review sites like Clutch.

Please search for your desired potential Magento website development agency on Google and check out their star ratings in the results. 4 Stars and above is a good sign.

See the comments below to see what people say about the Magento website development company. It is necessary because it provides a look into what the company’s employees have to say about it and its clients.

And professional review portals will have reviewers who thoroughly examine a company’s various facets to rate it accordingly. Moreover, you can read customer reviews and ratings there and learn more about the company’s history.

Know The Magento Website Development Company Location

Outsourcing agencies rarely stick with having a single office/development centre at one location. They tend to distribute their teams across multiple locations, including beyond borders. It helps keep costs in check while allowing them to work across time zones and deliver projects on schedule.

It also adds to the diversity of talent, which is very useful if you want to sell across regions. Regional Magento website development companies can help localize your brand to better operate in that market.

Hence, have a look at the various locations your potential Magento website development agency is present. This information will be present in their website’s Contact Us section, on the search results pages of Google, and in company review portals.

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You can ask their representative if they plan to expand to more locations. It is beneficial if they have an office in your region as it helps with cooperation and localized development.

Verify Their Employees’ Qualifications

Only qualified and experienced workers can give your business the website it needs to garner profits. So, you should verify if your potential hire has the quality workforce to handle your project.

After checking to see if they have the numbers to work on your project without delays and other problems, engage their representative about the minimum qualification standard for their employees.

Check if those clauses contain the official Magento developers certifications or equivalent from reputed institutes. Contact employees likely to be working on your project and learn about their skill sets.

Ask about their employee training program to learn if they are keeping their employees in line with the latest developments in the field. While on the topic, check if the company has the official Magento partnership.

Confirm Their Data Security Measures

Data security is paramount today as attacks on enterprises are on the rise. Your eCommerce site should not fall prey to such an attack and cause you losses, compassionate data like customer contact details. Prevention of such cyber attacks starts from the development stage itself.

The Magento web development company should have adequate data security measures to prevent any data you’ve shared with them from being stolen. It could include some proprietary algorithms to be integrated with the website.

Enquire about the operational protocols to prevent unauthorized access to such integrations. Learn about the data security and privacy software they are using and the security measures they have in place for the cloud.

Check Communication Specifics

You should have a schedule and a mutually agreed upon communication mechanism. The two of you should use the same communication tools. It would help if you conveyed the discussion topics in each routine meeting so you can make actual progress there.

Troubleshooting measures must be in place to manage things when they don’t go according to schedule. Also, set transparency terms with the company so you will know everything you want. Discuss all of this early on so that nothing will become an obstacle during the development process.

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Know Their SEO Strategy

Your website should have the most viable SEO strategy for high visibility and traffic. While Magento aids the inclusion of technical aspects of SEO, the rest should be contributed by the agency and you.

Question the Magento website development company about the design elements that are key to SEO. Work on and implement an SEO strategy with them to get the best ranking results.

Ensure Third-Party App Integration

Your eCommerce website can seldom provide all the necessary functions to keep your business going. It requires third-party services, like payment processing, to be fully functional.

These are available as APIs that can integrate into the website, and your selected agency must add them without fail. You may even need to customize some for your specific needs.

Know The Price, Payment Method, and Packages

The project cost can ultimately make or break your deal with the agency. The price you pay should get you quality without harming your budget. You must look for value instead of just the lowest price.

Also, determine the payment method that suits you, like full upfront payment, partial upfront payment, or subscription-based set to a definite period. Providers club multiple services into packages that can reduce costs, but these can also contain unwanted services. See if you can customize these packages to suit your needs.

In Conclusion

As competition heats up in the eCommerce world, so does the demand for sellers to deliver unique experiences to customers while standing out from the crowd. An eCommerce website is an answer to your issues on this front.

However, you must hire eCommerce developers in India from a trusted source, i.e., a reputed IT outsourcing company that can offer cost-effective, high-quality resources. Such an agency can give you a website to keep conversions high and push your eCommerce business to new heights.

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