Author: Mayank Dudhatra

Mayank Dudhatra is CEO and Co-Founder at Skywave Info Solutions. He has more than 8 years of experience in business management. Also, he has expertise in WordPress, Php development, mobile development company including Android and iOS apps. Under his guidance the Skywave team developed many apps in Android and iOS platforms.
6 Best eCommerce Apps for COVID-19 Pandemic

6 Best eCommerce Apps for COVID-19 Pandemic

eCommerce apps are a must in today's online world. No wonder, countless online entrepreneurs are always scouring the web for the perfect eCommerce software and web store templates. A Government has declared lockdown, quarantine measures and social distancing during the covid pandemic time. After that organisation, offices, schools, workplace, universities work become some tedious during coronavirus Pandemic time and the employee loses their jobs. For solving problems during work or giving services to the client’s more mobile apps has developed by IT(Infrastructure) Companies. Many starts up companies also developed some eCommerce apps for more increasing the growth of their organization and businesses in coronavirus pandemic time. During and after pandemic time people are ...