Author: Keith Laurance

Keith Laurance is a technical content writer who has been working with the custom software development team at Octal IT Solutions. Over the years she has researched about Mobile app development and promises to deliver the most reliable solutions. Other than researching tech-related queries, she loves to eat and read books. You can always find her in the nearby market buying quirky elements for her super cozy place.
Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Software. What to Choose

Custom Software vs Off-the-Shelf Software. What to Choose

Customization is a method of giving the software a unique identity. Software Development Services in Singapore offers both kinds of development, i.e. Custom Software and Off-the-Shelf Software. It purely depends upon the business needs what kind of an app company wants? The page is a detailed guide on the differences between the Custom Software & Off-the-Shelf Software. Custom Software as the name delivers meaning are the suits that have some possibility of change. It can be a change in the features, functionality, app’s performance, codes or languages, etc. This can be only possible when any user opts for Custom Software Development. The software is available readymade in the market and the company according to its needs can convert or modify anything. Growth of Custom Software...