Author: Pater Handscomb

Pater Handscomb is an experienced developer at MobileCoderz ( a mobile app development company ). He has created various apps using React Native or available frameworks. Keeping the clients satisfied by delivering cutting-edge app solutions is his primary goal. In his leisure time, he loves sharing cool technological kinds of stuff through writing posts.
10 Popular Mobile Phone Apps Built with React Native

10 Popular Mobile Phone Apps Built with React Native

The emergence of React Native has been quite interesting. This framework was introduced by Facebook and has now become the preference of everyone. It has become the top-notch choice for both iOS & Android mobile phone app development. In 2015, Facebook disclosed React Native availability on Github. Now, developers from all around the world are making the most of the respective technology. Till now, React Native has approx 50,000 contributors. It has managed to maintain the 14th position among successful repositories on GitHub. All these achievements have clearly shown the dominance of React Native over other mobile phone app development platforms. With such an upsurge in the demand for React Native, it is obvious that multiple apps would be based on it. For a better idea, you m...