Author: Sheena Gupta

Sheena Gupta is a Law Post Graduate specialising in Corporate Law. She has been a Lawyer, Assistant Professor, and an Academic Writer. She has a flair for writing on contemporary legal topics. Presently, she is associated with as a Legal writer where she writes about Trademark Registration, Company Registration, etc.
How blockchain challenges the intellectual property ecosystem

How blockchain challenges the intellectual property ecosystem

Intellectual property protection is known to stimulate and protect all the virtual aspects of human behaviour; the protection further provides a set groundwork for better ideas and lays down the groundwork for profitable endeavours as well. Blockchain, on the other hand, is a cutting-edge technology that is completely unrelated to economies and Intellectual property but if properly framed and incorporated in the general working could generate enormous results. By its nature, blockchain works as a distributed ledger and can record information when linked with intellectual property and save users from infringement as the data can only be accessed by the owner or the government. What’s Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a decentralised digital document or transaction ledger tha...