Author: Allen Daniel

Allen Daniel has done Masters in Literature from National University of Singapore. She is currently associated with Qwaiting, the leading Queue management System as Content Head. Allen enjoys writing blogs related to technology, marketing trends and gadget reviews.
5 Best Tips to Improve Customers Loyalty and Retention

5 Best Tips to Improve Customers Loyalty and Retention

According to statistics, 70% of customers choose to buy from companies that have excellent customer service. However, bringing in the customers isn’t the only solution to business growth or improved ROI. Other than acquiring a new audience, improving the customer loyalty to gain new users and retain the existing users is also vital. In fact, successful customer loyalty and retention strategies are required for all businesses and brands. Hence, businesses contributing to customer loyalty are capable of driving customer engagement and acquiring new visitors. In addition, every company strives to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible and go above and beyond to meet their needs. The biggest challenge, however, is dealing with an overburdened customer service inbox. Thi...