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My Name is Camila Luna. I have done Bachelors in business and information technology. I have worked as an SEO intern in Remote SEO Position 1. Working as an editor and an SEO writer.
Local SEO Strategies to Boost Your Site Traffic

Local SEO Strategies to Boost Your Site Traffic

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Double your traffic by following these local SEO strategies. See how these local SEO methods may make your brick & mortar business exponentially more prominent on search engine results pages.Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to rank for searches with 'local intent and helping people in your area find your business. An example of a search query with local intent is "dentist near me". Today, an incredible 46 percent of Google queries have a local purpose.Benefits of Local SEOIf you're running a business that serves a local community in one or more locations, e.g.Wedding photographerWeb designerChain of coffee shopsThen these local SEO strategies are a vital aspect of your strategy to develop your brand. It will greatly boost your visibility on sea...