Author: Shivani

Shivani is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, which provides Chatbots that allows businesses to engage with customers alongside the excellent customer service channels of phone, email, and social media.
4 Ways to Use AI Chatbot to Enhance Customer Experience

4 Ways to Use AI Chatbot to Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience is the holistic experience and perception of an individual about any business. It is the sum of his interactions with the brand across different touchpoints. Today, businesses are using Artificial Intelligence, AI chatbots to enhance their customer experience (CX). This is because of the numerous benefits that AI chatbots offer. This blog will look into the advantages of AI and suggest 4 ways to incorporate AI chatbots into your business. The Benefits AI Chatbots AI chatbots can provide a great customer experience by interacting and engaging with your customers. We have put together a list of advantages of AI chatbots so that you can benefit from their benefits. Help create a conversational marketing strategyIncrease customer engagementMeet customer expecta...