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6 Important Codeigniter CMS Web Development FAQs

6 Important Codeigniter CMS Web Development FAQs

If you are interested in Codeigniter Web Development Services, here we will discuss some of the important FAQs. The information will surely assist you to find the right information. Known as a PHP open source web development framework, Codeigniter CMS is used to develop and design dynamic websites. Focused on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) development design, Codeigniter can be quickly changed with the HMVC design. The pattern lets the developers keep the controller, view, and models in a subdirectory design. The framework is better known for its higher speed as compared to other PHP frameworks. If you are searching for some important FAQs, we can assist you!Codeigniter interview questions, we can help you! What do you mean by Codeigniter? Why is it important for us? CodeIg...