Author: Ulfah Alifah Yuliarso

This article is written by Ulfah, an SEO Manager at RRGraph Design, a presentation design agency. Find her on LinkedIn.
5 SEO Content Strategy to Make Your SEO Work
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5 SEO Content Strategy to Make Your SEO Work

Though developing a good SEO content strategy might be challenging, making it work for you can be not so easy as well. However, it is impossible to ignore this area if running a business online. To make it easier for you to figure out how SEO works, we have collected the best SEO strategy for beginners that can also be helpful for experienced users in this article. What Is SEO? Basics and Aims Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing as it helps entrepreneurs and customers find each other. It doesn't matter how perfect your content is; it will be useless if people cannot find it. In simple words, SEO helps you make your content visible online and helps your target audience discover this content. SEO is essential today as there are tons of articles, pict...