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Are you a busy executive seeking a unique blend of business opportunities and cultural immersion? Look no further than Amritsar, the vibrant heart of Punjab and a rising hub for technology and innovation.

Our curated business tour packages offer an unforgettable experience, seamlessly blending professional development with rich cultural encounters. Amritsar, known for its iconic Golden Temple, warm hospitality, and delectable cuisine, is rapidly emerging as a key player in India’s tech landscape.

The business tours provide exclusive access to this dynamic ecosystem, connecting you with industry leaders, potential partners, and cutting-edge startups. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and traditions while exploring exciting avenues for business growth and collaboration.

Amritsar Business Tour Packages

Whether you’re interested in expanding your network, seeking new investment opportunities, or simply looking for a deeper understanding of India’s booming tech scene, our Amritsar business tour packages have something for everyone.

Get ready to discover a city brimming with potential, where ancient traditions meet modern innovation and unforgettable business experiences await.

Why Choose Amritsar?

Amritsar is one of the historic and cultural sites that have a strong association with the religious premises of the Sikh community. This is considered to be the heart of Sikhism; The Golden Temple is one of the holiest shrines of the country. Exclusively a religious town but the one that arrests the history of India’s struggle for freedom, pulsating culture, and gastronomical delights.

Lovers and foodies will fall in love with Amritsar’s unique characteristics as the colourful, historic city of Punjabi food and culture. Famous for its religious shrine-Der’s Golden Temple-Amritsar is a popular tourist destination that is thronged by millions of tourists from around the world.

For visitors looking forward to visiting this bewitchingly attractive city, it would be quite beneficial if you decide to take a Luxury Amritsar Tour package tour since it will make you cover all the tourist attractions in this city. Here, you will find a description of what can be expected from the different packages.

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Exploring Amritsar Tour Packages

The Golden Temple: Undoubtedly, the Amritsar tour package would not exclude the visit to the most splendid and religious site in the country – the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib).

This slender temple looks majestic with its brass-coloured dome which enshrines the gold-plated deities and the calm and composed Amrit Sarovar. Food lovers can also participate in the preparation of the meal which is called the village pot or (Langar) which is a symbol of unity.

  • Jallianwala Bagh: This garden is a symbolic place that depicts the severe tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh that happened in 1919. The memorial is a must-visit place for one and everyone curious and genuinely wedded to the historical milestones of India especially the struggle for independence.
  • Wagah Border Ceremony: This Independence Day special – watch the thrilling and patriotic Beating Retreat Ceremony at the India-Pakistan border. This is a daily military ritual, touched with a great deal of flair, and usually garners a considerable crowd.
  • Partition Museum: For those interested in learning about the effects of the division of India and Pakistan, one can learn more from the Museum of the Partition of India and Pakistan, with the use of Life in Partition picture and a single individual’s narrative about that momentous period.
  • Heritage Walk: The packages for tourism also offer a heritage walk mainly in the area of the Old City. Though this tour focuses on the old city, you will get to feel the pulse of the Jittywala (narrow streets), the action of the markets, and the past breathing the present through structures erected in pre-independence India.
  • Durgiana Temple: Located in the city, but unlike the first temple, dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, the Durgiana Temple is dedicated to the entity of goddess Durga; known also as Swarg Aror Temple or even the ‘miniature Golden Temple’, as it resembles the later in its architecture.
  • Local Cuisine and Culinary Tours: Food lovers must visit Amritsar because the city lies in north India and is well known for its delicious cuisine. We cannot debate that the regional food, starting from famed Amritsari Kulcha to delicious Lassi is an integral part of the journey. Most of the packages come with culinary tours, partly as guided tours to some of the best restaurants in town.
  • Shopping: Superb bazaars are lined up in Amritsar and these markets have sellout products like phulkari embroidery, Punjabi Juttis, and much more along with handicrafts and souvenirs. Professional assistance is always advisable, so when shopping for souvenirs and other items, one can opt for a guided shopping tour which will help to identify genuine merchandise and the best deals.
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Types of Tour Packages

  • Weekend Getaways: Recommended especially for those who plan to visit Amritsar for two days only, these packages tend to take tourists to the main attractions and may come with accommodation too.
  • Cultural and Historical Tours: These are best suited for those interested in travelling to Amritsar Excursions for their historical significance to travel enthusiasts interested in digging deeper into the cultural landmarks of the region.
  • Religious Tours: Some of these offerings are spirituality and religion packages that encompass visits to the Golden Temple, Durgiana temple, and other religious sites.
  • Luxury Tours: For those who are looking forward to a little more comfort while traveling, an option of luxury tours is available which includes better accommodation facilities, personal tour operators, and personalized service.
  • Customized Packages: Some of the available Griffith University tour packages available for travellers include; there are two broad possibilities for tour operators to design a Griffith University tour; mechanical and personalized.

It is suggested that one should visit the place mostly from October to March so that one isn’t hindered by the uncomfortable climatic conditions of Punjab. This period also corresponds to several festivals and events, providing valuable background on the culture here.

In Conclusion

Amritsar is not a city: it is food, colours, life, people, and emotions that capture your heart. Book Amritsar tour packages come in different ones and can accommodate the different concerns of different individuals concerning the variety of their interests and financial abilities to visit.

Whether you want to touch your soul by praying at the Golden Temple catch up with the historical past of INDIA or savor the delicious Punjabi dishes, the tour package to Amritsar takes you on a perfect tour in a memorable manner.

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Who are these Business tour packages designed for?

The Amritsar Business Tour Packages are specifically tailored for busy executives seeking to expand their network, explore business opportunities, and gain cultural insights in India’s thriving tech hub.

What can I expect from an Amritsar business tour?

The packages offer a unique blend of business and cultural experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, visit innovative tech companies, attend relevant conferences or workshops, and immerse yourself in Amritsar’s rich heritage and traditions.

How long are the tour packages?

There are offers for flexible tour durations, ranging from short 3-day trips focused on specific business objectives to more extensive 7-10-day packages that allow for a deeper cultural immersion.

What types of business opportunities are available in Amritsar?

Amritsar is a growing hub for IT, software development, agriculture technology, textiles, and manufacturing. The tours can be customized to focus on your specific industry interests, connecting you with potential partners, investors, and clients.

Are the tours customizable?

There are understanding that each executive has unique goals and interests. The team will work closely with you to create a personalized itinerary that aligns with your business objectives and desired cultural experiences.

What is included in the Business tour packages?

The packages typically include accommodations, transportation, guided tours of key business and cultural sites, networking events, and assistance with logistics and scheduling.

How do I book an Amritsar business tour package?

Simply visit the website or contact our dedicated travel specialists to discuss your requirements and start planning your unforgettable Amritsar business tour.


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