All New Airtel 4G Data Plans Subscription Codes

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Nigeria that is well known for its 4G data plans and provision of internet service with a variety of options from which the subscribers can choose. These new Airtel 4G data plans are usable on your personal desktops, laptops, Android mobile devices, laptops and other smartphone brands.

You have the choice of choosing from various available Airtel data pack you can use on your preferred platforms, and this is what has made Airtel communication company stands out in the country in terms of the large number of 4G data plans available for its esteem customers.

In this blog, we are going to be looking at the various new Airtel 4G data plans with subscription codes to enable all users to use the Airtel Internet plans and Airtel unlimited data plan and other related best Airtel data plans.

Airtel 4G Data Plans Monthly Plans

  • 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night Streaming @N1,000 (Code *141*1000#)
  • 2GB + 4 GB YouTube Night Streaming @N1,200 (Code *141*1200#)
  • 3GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming @N1,500 (Code *141*1500#)
  • 4.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming @N2,000 (Code *141*2000#)
  • 6GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming @N2,500 (Code *141*2500#)
  • 10GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming @N3,000 (Code *141*3000#)
  • 11GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming @N4,000 (Code *141*4000#)

Airtel 4G Data Plans Mega Plans

  • 20GB + 4 GB YouTube NIght Streaming @N5,000 (Code 1415000#)
  • 25GB @N8,000 (Code *141*8000#)
  • 40GB @N10,000 (Code *141*10000#)
  • 75GB @15,000 (Code *141*15000#)
  • 120GB @20,000 (Code *141*20000#)
  • 200GB @30,000 (Code *141*30000#)
  • 280GB @36,000 (Code *141*36000#)
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You also have the choice of subscribing to the Airtel Binge data plans designed specifically for individuals who loves downloading movies, streaming movies, playing games online, and also streaming an online tutorial class or using online applications to satisfy and meet their needs.

New Airtel 4G Data Plans

Follow the steps below on how to subscribe for the Airtel 4G data plans designed for heavy users

Airtel Data Packages for Daily and Weekly Subscription

  • 40MB @N50 (Code *141*50#)
  • 100MB @N100 (Code *141*100#)
  • 350MB @N300 (Code *141*300#)
  • 1GB + 1GB YouTube NIght Streaming @N500 (Code *141*502#)
  • 1GB @350 valid for 24hours (Code *141*354#)
  • 2GB @N500 valid for 24hours (Code *141*504#)
  • 6GB @N1, 500 valid for 7days (Code *141*1504#). This plan is best for Bloggers

There are other various Airtel 4G data plans designed for individuals who need access to the internet mostly to use your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • 20MB @N25 (Code *948*4#) valid for 1 day
  • 40MB @N50 (Code *991*4#) valid for 1 day
  • 200MB @N100 (Code *688*3#) valid for 5 days
  • 700MB @N300 (Code *688*1#) valid for 25 days

If you just need access to Facebook and WhatsApp only, you can opt for the options below

100MB @N25 (Code *141*254#) valid for 1 day
200MB @N50 (Code *141*54#) valid for 7 days
500MB @N100 (Code *141*104#) valid for 30 days

If you wish to experience an extra-fast Airtel 4G data plan for internet connection, try a special Airtel 4G Router for N19,999 to get 100 GB data for 30 days, free 10 GB monthly data for six months upon recharge of N10,000 bundles and above. You can easily buy some of these Airtel 4G data plans bundles online from the Airtel official website.

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You can choose from different plans ranging from daily, weekly, and monthly plans, depending on how many airtel 4g data plans you need. And, if you are willing to opt-out from any Airtel data plan, just send “stop” to 140 and Airtel will automatically deactivate all your subscriptions or simply contact the customer care number 111 on your Smartphone.

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