AI for Multi-language Websites and Content Creation

In our previous article, we introduced the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we discussed if this new trend and technology could affect negatively or positively human work. Nowadays machines, algorithms and automation are common words in our daily life as well as Artificial Intelligence that seems to be the real new trend, especially in the Tech and Marketing world.

AI for Marketing

When it come to marketing machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is particularly useful for data analysis, clustering, automation, e-mail outreach, as well as chatbots.

The new technologies in this field appear sometimes faster than mushrooms in a forest the day after a heavy storm and recently we discovered that there are as well new tools that use the machine learning and the artificial intelligence for translations and content creation. We are talking about DeepL and Omniglot.


In the field of online translators, there seems to be no competition at the moment. With a thousand services offered to users and extremely powerful machine learning algorithms, Google Translate is widely considered the best ever.

The domain of the translator of Big G, however, could be in danger: from Germany comes DeepL, online translation service born from the ashes of Linguee, online dictionary born in 2009 in Cologne.

Launched in August 2017, DeepL immediately attracted the attention of the trade press (and users) promising far better translations than its more direct rival. Initially only available for a handful of languages (including Italian), it seems to have been able to gnaw at small slices of the market at the service of the Mountain View giant.

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In fact, he is now able to translate two globally important languages, Russian and Portuguese. With the addition of these two languages, the total number of language combinations offered rises to 72 and the service extends to about half a billion more people.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even if from the German startup they don’t leak much about the model chosen and used to realize what is defined as the best online translator in the world, it is possible to get some information that helps us to understand how DeepL works.

In creating their online translator, German engineers didn’t start from scratch: DeepL relies on the solid foundations deriving from the experience of Languages and from the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms already used (and on its research database, of course). Added to this are new translation algorithms and a neural network system capable of offering high performance in any industry.


The Omniglot AI DeepL WordPress Plugin, instead is indeed a brand new WordPress plugin that uses the DeepL API to allow its users to automatically translate or generate a multi-language website in a few clicks.

This tool is very useful because the translations are basically 90% accurate thanks to the quality of the DeepL translations and are able to provide perfect contents also from an SEO point of view.

The translated/new generated posts are plagiarism-free, the plugin translated also SEO meta tags such as meta title and meta descriptions. Also, the Omniglot plugin is able to translate the slugs and takes care of the meta=language tags.

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Lastly, the plugin supports the Gutenberg editor and is perfect for online stores that use WooCommerce

The Omniglot plugin comes in 2 different versions, basic and pro and depending on which version is purchased there will be more or less of the features described above.

The basic one supports all the translations, the Yoast Plugin and Gutenberg, while the Pro one supports also WooCommerce, generates the meta=language tags and allows the user to save as a draft the translations before publishing them.

Besides the fast appearing of so many new technologies might be scary, we believe that if we make the right use of these tools our lives and works can only benefit from them.

And what do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below if you have maybe tried such type of technologies or if you know other ones. We would love to know and hear your opinion!

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