Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online 2022

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online in 2022, starting an affiliate marketing business is a great idea. It’s an excellent form of self-employment, mainly because it requires minimal investment and can help you make a lot.

Affiliate marketers are paid by referring people to companies who’ve started their own affiliate programs. But how exactly do you choose which affiliate programs to join next year?

Here are some of the best Affiliate Programs you just can’t go wrong with.


If you’ve been in the world of the internet long enough, you know what HubSpot is. Experts behind it are some of the best in the marketing, sales, and customer service software industries. This also means that joining their affiliate program in 2022 can do wonders for your affiliate business.

Joining the HubSpot affiliate programs is absolutely free and signing up doesn’t take a lot of time. Not to mention that HubSpot has a great customer service team that’ll be ready to help you with absolutely anything during the sign-up process.

There are different commission rates the company offers and if you manage to help them make enough sales, increasing your profits and making a passive income should be easy. Just bear in mind that you first have to be approved before you start operating as HubSpot’s affiliate.


Another affiliate program worth joining is the one offered by Teachable. Teachable is a large platform that helps online teachers host and sells their online courses on all kinds of subjects. It’s one of the largest platforms in the industry and its popularity is only expected to grow in the future.

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Therefore, now seems to be the perfect time to join their affiliate program. Becoming Teachable’s affiliate is completely free and you get to make a recurring 30% commission for the lifetime of each customer who finds out about Teachable through your website.

It’s also important to note that every customer you bring needs to stay at least 31 days after joining Teachable in order for you to get your commission.

Golden Star Affiliate Programs

With the popularity of iGaming constantly growing, joining an affiliate program offered by an online casino is an amazing idea. There are plenty of casino affiliate programs you can join and the one offered by Golden Star is one of them.

The program offers a high revenue share and hast payouts which is exactly what your affiliate business needs. There are also advanced tools Golden Star offers that might make promoting them much easier.

This iGaming provider offers all popular slot and table games and the site is available in multiple languages including English, Russian and Spanish. Online casinos are expected to do even better in 2022 and this may be the right time to become an online casino affiliate.


Adobe is another popular company you’ve probably already heard of. This multinational computer software company also has its own affiliate programs and becoming a part of it might be the right move for your affiliate business.

Just the fact that Adobe’s revenue-generating capacity stands at about $9 billion makes it obvious why joining their affiliate program is an excellent idea. Commissions Adobe offers are quite high and they vary depending on the products you help them sell.

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online 2022

On top of this, there are regular promotions Adobe comes up with that can help you give your income an even bigger boost. However, some features can only be promoted in specific countries which is why you might want to do some extra research before you start operating as their affiliate.

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WP Engine Affiliate Programs

Web hosting space giant WP Engine has been around for quite some time and their affiliate program is doing great. What you may like about joining the WP affiliate programs is the fact that there are so many topics you can cover when promoting WP Engine.

As long as you focus on helping them attract bloggers who need fast hosting plans, you can cover almost any topic you want. Due to how successful WP Engine’s affiliate programs are the experts behind it have also decided to build a team of affiliate managers who stand by for any questions you might have.

There’s also an option to create custom landing pages with the help of the WP engine’s design team. Just like HubSpot, you have to wait until you’re accepted before you start promoting WP Engine on your website.

The bottom line

Digital marketing continues to change and it looks like affiliate marketing has never played a more prominent role than it does right now.

No matter what industry you decide to specialize in, finding programs you can join should be a real piece of cake. Start by learning more about these five programs and deciding whether joining one of them is the right move for your affiliate business in 2022.

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Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online 2022
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