How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely

Building an affiliate marketing site is the best way to generate money online and earn more than you ever imagined. With some great free tools, you can easily design your site, thanks to their built-in SEO tools. The site’s templates are mobile-responsive and professionally designed to showcase your products.

You can quit your day job, build your affiliate marketing site to earn more money, and quit your commute! To become successful in Affiliate Marketing, you need to have a site. You need the traffic to make money if you have a coupon site, review site, or blog.

But where do you find the traffic? Here are some tips that will help you create traffic to your site. And once you have traffic, your business will thrive.

  • Improve your site’s SEO
  • Do proper keywords research
  • List your affiliate marketing site on Google My Business
  • Optimize your site’s performance
  • Build backlinks to your site
  • Submit guest posts on related niche
  • Create evergreen contents
  • Promote your affiliate marketing site on social media
  • Create email lists to send email newsletters
  • Organize webinars
  • You can use influencer marketing, and much more

You can also use Google AdSense or other advertising networks to make money. To earn cash from your site, you can sell affiliate products. Read on to learn more about setting up your affiliate marketing site and getting started!


Squarespace is a website building and hosting company based in New York City; the company provides software as a service for website building and hosting and allows its users to use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify affiliate marketing sites.

Squarespace initially built the company built for creating and hosting blogs, eCommerce features, such as integration with Stripe for accepting credit card payments, added more commerce features; a mobile version of the service was released; added a separate facility for developers writing custom templates and features, and introduced a logo-creation app in partnership with icon designer Noun Project.

You can use Squarespace to grow your affiliate marketing site by

  • Create a website: Select from any of our industry-leading website templates, designer fonts, and colour palettes that best fit your style and professional needs.
  • Sell anything: Explore which tools you want to add—setting up an online store, booking services, or adding your favourite third-party extensions.
  • Market your affiliate business: Stand out in every inbox and social feed. On-brand email campaigns and social tools make it easy to retain customers and grow your audience. you can get started to create your affiliate marketing site for free with a free trial today. No credit card require


Adding the RafflePress plugin to your WordPress site can help you increase traffic and grow your email list and social media followers. This plugin can attract new prospects and customers with its viral giveaway features.

Its drag-and-drop giveaway builder allows you to create enticing viral contests and giveaways easily. It also offers powerful options for marketing your products and services, including Exit-Intent technology to re-engage visitors after leaving your website.

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RafflePress allows you to set up your giveaway as a landing page and promote it across multiple platforms. Once people enter a giveaway, they will be added to your email list automatically. Users can find the URL to your giveaway by clicking on “Embed” or “Shortcode.”

You can copy and paste the shortcode anywhere on your site. Consider purchasing a higher-level plan if you want to set up multiple websites. There are several reasons to choose a higher-tier plan.

The RafflePress drag-and-drop giveaway builder makes creating and managing your giveaways a breeze. It also includes built-in fraud protection and email verification, making it simple to run your giveaways. The interface is clutter-free, with clear tooltips and instructions.

RafflePress has a library of goal-based giveaway templates to choose from if you need additional features for your giveaways. Once you install RafflePress, you’ll be happy you did.

Genesis Framework

When boosting the rankings of your affiliate marketing site, you may want to use the Genesis Framework. The framework was developed by StudioPress and had many features that make it easy for novices and experts.

Among these features are its SEO tools, customizable sidebars and menus, and ambidextrous sidebars. In addition, this theme is SEO-friendly, which can help your site rank higher in search engines. You can use Genesis Framework for your affiliate marketing site as it is very flexible and offers several benefits for a token.

It has many features, including a lifetime license and dozens of layouts and widgets. Another bonus with using Genesis is that it has a lot of in-built plugins. You can choose from over 40 themes, including mobile-optimized themes and SEO-friendly ones.

How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely

Genesis also includes several child themes you can use to customize your site. Aside from being SEO-friendly, the Genesis Framework is also built to be flexible and easy to customize. In short, you can make any affiliate marketing site look its best.

Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Sites You Should Follow


When discussing affiliate marketing, you are bound to come across The Wirecutter. This New York Times-owned product review site, which has over 12 million visitors each month, is ubiquitous in the world of affiliate marketing.

In this interview, Leilani Han, executive director of commerce at Wirecutter, discusses the evolution of affiliate marketing, testing, licensing, and earning readers. Han also explains the importance of programmatic advertising and strategic partnerships in affiliate marketing.

While this site is not exactly new, it does represent an excellent example of how affiliate marketing works. It targets a broad range of products, which has allowed it to grow into an authority site across multiple niches. The site also offers 90 of the best affiliate links daily, substantially increasing your earnings.

Wirecutter also features daily holiday deals relevant to the product category. Although it is part of a larger site, The Wirecutter offers many affiliate offers and has made its mark in the industry. The Wirecutter is an excellent example of a well-organized, user-friendly website.

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The site ranks on the first page of Google for over 60,000 keywords related to “best products.” A notable design feature is that Wirecutter labels sponsored links as “sponsored” or “nofollow” attributes to prevent them from hijacking a reader’s attention. The site also has a monetization disclaimer on each page.

How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely

Wirecutter’s reviews are reliable. Its experts look at everything from the ease of purchase to the quality of customer service. Customers also value the reviews of a reputable website. Wirecutter’s recommendations are based on the whole customer experience.

From the ease of purchase to the quality of customer support, the Wirecutter team weighs all aspects of the buying experience. Whether a product is good or bad for the consumer will influence purchase decisions.

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is a website that lets users choose the best PC parts and a blog. They have experts who pre-build computers and record price history for all the parts. Users can then purchase the parts through the affiliate links provided on the site.

The affiliate marketing site’s unique tool helps users determine which parts will work best together and which will have compatibility issues. Users also can create a custom PC build. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote PC Part Picker’s products and services in exchange for a small percentage of your referral commissions.

The PC Part Picker website is highly popular amongst its audience, and you can easily use it to increase your PC parts affiliate program sales. The site offers a lot of content to help you promote the product and earn a commission from each sale.

By joining the PC Part Picker program, you can make a decent income as an Affiliate Marketing Site for PC Parts. This website was created for computer enthusiasts and addressed all the essential components of a PC, from the price to performance to compatibility.

How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely

The PC Part Picker website is one of the most popular and comprehensive affiliate programs, with affiliate links to Amazon, Newegg, B&H, Best Buy, and SuperBiiz. This affiliate marketing site is primarily a tool but has recently expanded into a blog and website.

The tool helps users choose the right PC parts for their computers and checks for compatibility issues. Every part of the site has an affiliate link, which means you can earn commissions from every sale. It also has experts who pre-build computers and generate part lists. An extensive review and spec sheet accompany each part.

Globo Surf

If you’re looking for a quality affiliate marketing site that focuses on the outdoor sports industry, then you should check out Globo Surf. This popular site focuses on outdoor sports gear reviews and ranks highly for eCommerce-style keywords with high buyer intent.

Globo Surf makes money from Amazon affiliate connections. In addition to a solid ranking on search engines, Globo Surf has Facebook Custom Audiences and uses Facebook ads for retargeting. It is also a non-profit organization and has recommendations on what types of pet food and supplements are best for different pets.

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The inclusion of Globo will provide greater exposure for surfing across multiple platforms, offering relevant content to thousands of surfers. This simple act will attract new consumers to the sport.

It will also bring more exposure to Brazilian surfing. The WSL is proud of its new addition to its lineup. The inclusion of Globo will enhance surfing’s international profile and create a springboard for the idols of tomorrow. And that’s just the start.

Gear Hungry

The Gear Hungry affiliate marketing site is one of the best, but it isn’t limited to one product category. The site also has an engaging blog with posts geared toward generating qualified leads. The blog is vital to their SEO strategy and ranks well for keywords like “best x for y” with high search volume and buyer intent.

The content on Gear Hungry is also very easy to skim, and it features a clear CTA button for each product. This affiliate marketing website uses awards and badges to boost page views and conversion rates. The site is part of the Amazon affiliate program and uses buttons that stand out from the layout of the site.

They turn black when the user hovers over them. The Gear Hungry affiliate marketing site links to reviewed products on Amazon and Skimlinks. It also promotes ConsumerJunction and Skimlinks. Unlike Gear Hungry, Gear Patrol targets people who are willing to spend money and are willing to spend a little extra.

How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely

It has a wide range of products and market niches and uses discreet affiliate links in text-based reviews and larger CTA boxes. And because it’s a daily men’s magazine, Gear Patrol has a loyal following. Unlike Gear Hungry, Gear Patrol also uses text-based product reviews and in-content signup forms to monetize content.

In Summary

In affiliate marketing, a good ROI is achieved by promoting other people’s websites. For example, create an affiliate marketing site about Monopoly. You can include the results from search engines like Google and Bing and make those results the core content of your affiliate marketing site.

If you have a product that you sell, you can add affiliate links to your product pages. Similarly, if you have an affiliate marketing site about board games, you can include all the results on the search engine.

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How to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Site Freely