In a 21st century economy, different industries are abundant in not only innovative products but risky job opportunities as well. The continuous growth in the field of , for example, has led to the broadening of professions in , development, programming, and more.

However, despite the growing number of -based jobs, more physical and action-based occupations are still relevant in society – and a lot of them are relatively risky. mainly talk about safety equipment or different workwear when it comes to dealing with a dangerous job. But the risks a job entails are not necessarily addressed by these alone.

Many jobs post risks on the health and safety of their workers and a lot of the risky jobs are essential to your everyday living. These risks are often overlooked, especially when you are not directly concerned with them. But in retrospect, the absence of these risky jobs will be evident in functioning in society.

Risky Jobs With High Pay

And so, awareness of these jobs is important to not only appreciate the people who offer their skills and services for them but to also realize the important aspects of life you might be undermining. They might seem simple for you, but these risky jobs require skills, experience, and commitment to be able to be accomplished right.

So, who are these people? Here’s a list of some of the risky jobs today and how much they pay

Construction Workers

Construction sites are visibly intimidating for someone with no experience nor knowledge of construction work. Walking into houses or buildings being built, you will see people with helmets and vests right away. The noises, sparks, and busy nature of these areas can also be noticed off the bat.

Construction work is as difficult as it looks. Dealing with hazardous industrial materials in a half-built space puts construction workers in a dangerous environment that is prone to accidents and failures. These mishaps lead to serious injuries, falls, and even death depending on their severity.

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Aircraft Pilots

Flying around the world seems like a promising job for everyone. Not only does this give you the opportunity to travel to different places but it leads to epic experiences with people too. And while pilots might look like they are having a blast visiting their dream destinations, being a pilot is one of the risky jobs out there.

It was estimated in 2020 that pilots have a 58.9 fatal injury rate that is mainly caused by plane crashes. Regardless of the fact that pilots study aviation and are trained to fly for years, accidents can happen which can also risk the lives of the passengers as well. This means that pilots are also responsible for the lives of hundreds of individuals in a single flight.

Iron and Steel Workers

Working with steel bars and beams is dangerous because of the materials’ physical attributes – they are heavy, sharp, and sturdy. And so, a simple fall or slip around these materials can cause deadly injuries. Working with these materials also requires various heavy-duty equipment and pieces of machinery that can cause safety hazards if not used properly.

A combination of not wearing safe workwear, carelessness, and lack of skills are harmful to any worker and their colleagues. This is way works that involve industrial materials such as iron and steel are closely monitored and supervised by authorities.


Driving requires experience and a great amount of focus when taken as a job. It also needs self-discipline since driving is prone to many accidents that are caused by human error. From sleep deprivation to drunk driving, different accidents happen each day because of minor mistakes drivers make.

Common driving accidents do not only harm the lives of passengers but pedestrians as well. The severity of driving accidents is the main reason why the application for licenses is required and mandated by the government. The drivers, in return, have to not only learn the traffic laws but practice responsible driving as well.

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Working in the countryside and in an agricultural job sounds safe and simple looking from the outside and this is not always the case. Working at seas is considered to be unpredictable because of the changing ways of nature.

Natural disasters such as storms and big waves are threats to the lives of the fishers, especially those who work on smaller fishing vessels. Accidents such as collisions and falls also occur which can severely injure the people at work.

Police Officers

Law enforcement alone is a complicated industry to work in and the risks exponentially increase when you are dealing with delinquents on a daily basis. You can never predict what kinds of crimes will be committed each day, but police officers are trained to deal with people committing them.

Despite the years of training police officers get to fulfil their duties well, they are still confronted with many adversities that are dangerous for their safety. From robberies to drug trades, offenders can be armed and potentially harm anyone that tries to stop them.

Mining Workers

Mining has always been a dangerous profession since it boomed during the 19th century. And while many precautionary measures and methods are being done today, it still remains risky for workers. Aside from its laborious and extensive processes, mining exposes the workers to gases and chemicals that can be toxic and explosive.

Active explosives that were placed in different parts of mines also pose threats to the safety of the workers and so mining work is always handled with sensitivity and care.

Health Workers

The health risks of being a health worker became more pronounced when the pandemic struck the world in 2020. Health workers are at the frontlines of taking care of the sick and this means being exposed to different viruses and illnesses that they can also contract – these viruses can be fatal in many cases.

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Aside from the risks of getting infected by diseases, the majority of the health workers work for long periods of hours that can cause fatigue and sleep deprivation. These can lead to not only a weakened immune system but problems with the cognitive functions of the brain as well.

Key Takeaway

As the world continues to develop and modernize, industries are becoming widely run by technology-driven occupations. However, a lot of the risky jobs that are essential today still require manual labour and the physical efforts of the workers. These risky jobs might be common but they are also considered dangerous most of the time.

Construction workers, pilots, iron and steelworkers, drivers, fishers, police officers, mining workers, and health workers are only some of the people who risk their safety to stay committed to their profession. They are also responsible for your ability to enjoy the privileges in life.

It is only right to realize the risky jobs that put people’s lives on the line so that appreciation can be given to them. At the end of the day, every risky job is important and honourable and one of the best ways to boost people’s morale is to applaud them for the services they offer to you.

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