A Comparison Between CableTV and Netflix

CableTV is a technology designed to deliver television programming to consumers via radio frequency signals that are transmitted through coaxial cables, or in more recent systems, light pulses through fibre-optic cables.

This contrasts with broadcast television which is also known as Terrestrial Television in which the television signal is transmitted over the air by radio waves and received by a television antenna attached to the television; or satellite television, in which the television signal is transmitted by a communications satellite orbiting the Earth and received by a satellite dish on the roof.

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming TV websites on the web, is hosting content from many different providers. Whether you’re an old-school customer or just dipping your toes into the waters of streaming TV, there are a number of choices out there for you to consider.


The first step to making the switch is to understand how you receive your cable channels. There are a number of companies that have their own dedicated channels, though some can be delivered in a very similar fashion as the rest of your standard cable TV content.

Broadcasting companies have multiple types of channels that they sell to content providers. Channels come in all sizes and all have different ways of being delivered. The easiest option for the consumer is typically the standard cable package, though larger packages may contain more channels than a typical home subscribes to.

The advantage of subscribing to a cableTV network over Netflix is that the customer receives more channels without having to pay for them all up front

Cable providers have the freedom to offer a greater variety of options for programming in order to attract customers, as well as to give them the best possible price. It’s important to do a comprehensive research before you decide to make the switch.

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The more research you do, the better educated you’ll be, and the better educated you’ll be about what types of channels are available through each company. Before you make any final decisions on your next CableTV service provider, or even if you’re already a subscriber,

it’s important to check out the available packages to see what type of channel package is going to best suit your needs. A very basic package might be fine for someone who only wants to watch some of their favourite cableTV shows, but if you’re looking for high definition channels, or perhaps even sports channels, you might want to look into some of the more comprehensive packages that are available.

The cost factor is one of the most important things to consider when choosing between the CableTV and Netflix

You might find that a traditional CableTV provider has a smaller price tag because of the services that they offer, or because of their ability to accommodate larger package options, but the question remains; will that be enough to keep you from switching to another provider?

There are definitely some differences in the amount of service that each offer, but for the most part, the two services operate under the same structure. Each service is geared towards offering the viewer a program catalogue of their choice. The pricing structures are different, but they do allow consumers to choose between an individual CableTV plan and a multi-user package with Netflix.

Netflix is known for its variety and great deal offers. Their flexible membership plan allows users to add as many members as they like to the roster without incurring any additional charges. When you consider the service’s diverse approach to programming, you’ll realize why this is such a popular option.

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CableTV providers who offer this service usually offer it as a package with other subscription services such as XM Satellite Radio, TuneIn Radio, and Sirius. They usually also offer a free or low-cost digital radio service, as well as digital audio cables, DVRs, and high-speed internet connections.

While a large portion of this country subscribes to satellite television, more people are becoming interested in streaming TV on the web, and Netflix is the clear leader in this industry. As well as delivering a broad range of programming, they offer a lot of unique programming options and a selection of streaming movies and TV shows in high definition.

If you’re looking to bring the entire family together to watch television, there is no better option than Netflix. And if you’ve been loyal to a specific programming provider for quite some time, it’s time to switch again to a service that offers more.

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