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How the Technology Sector Influences Your Business

No one will refute that technology sector has dramatically influenced almost all aspect of businesses of our lives. However, the business sector is the hardest hit by the influence of these technological advancements, from communication to operation costs to employee efficiency and increased sales. It is undebatable that any business that ignores these technological advancements […]

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How IoT will Revolutionize Transportation Industry

The Internet of Things has truly changed the world today, from just a buzzword to changing the way we live. IoT is one technology that has made its mark everywhere, from modifying the way businesses work to altering our personal lives. There will be 50 billion IoT devices by 2025 according to Gartner. There are […]

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Top 5 Truck Driver Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Truck driver jobs come with a good-bunch of benefits and incentives such as fuel savings and safe driving bonuses. CDL drivers also often get to meet and interact with new people at different times and places along their routes. A U.S. truck driver can log 80,000 to 110,000 miles per year, considering the 11 hours-per-day […]

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African Continental Free Trade Agreement Benefits to Nigeria

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday 8th of July, 2019 signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA); to join over 50 other African countries in ratifying what is being considered as the largest free trade agreement in any continent in the world. The AfCFTA agreement is expected to encourage trade relations in Africa by […]

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Businesses

New technologies are making waves in almost all verticals, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. To remain at the top in the changing industrial landscape, manufacturers need to have a reliable business management solution. Here is where a comprehensive solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV can make all the difference. Dynamics NAV has long been […]

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Top 5 In-Demand Technology Skills to Learn in 2021

Earlier, only a handful of people were skilled in technology skills like coding and computer languages. Presently, numerous IT occupations require a strong handle of the top programming dialects — indeed, multiple. In case you’re attempting to upgrade your technology skills knowledge or change professions totally and want to excel in a programming language, you […]

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4 Land Transport Industry Critical Issues Solutions

The future looks promising, many experts believe that, by the year 2030, the transport industry will completely revolutionize. There will be driver-less cars, commercial drones, software derived real-time instructions, Artificial intelligence manoeuvring ships and many more unprecedented technologies. As of now, companies are extensively working on improving their process. Including digitization and investing in human […]

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7 Tips to Make Your Transport Business a Success

When you are planning to start a transport business, you should be prepared to face some tough marketing situations and competition. But that shouldn’t discourage you from launching your transport company. You need to keep in mind that small businesses can fail. Reason for the failure in the early stage is that the business is […]

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New York Stock Exchange Market Top Investment Apps

The New York stock exchange is the leading world’s largest stock exchange market located at the Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York. Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York stock exchange saw the demand for the efficiency that technology has brought which prompt the American stock exchange company to expand their electronic […]

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