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5 Pre Launch Marketing Plans for Real Estate Investors

The high cost of housing has become a source of concern for most real estate investors. This scenario, combined with the rising cost of building materials, has pushed many home buyers to look for a cheaper alternative to acquiring homes at a discounted rate. This low-cost property acquisition option is available at pre launch marketing, […]

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Choosing a Strong Real Estate Market during COVID-19

Investments must be made after strong contemplation of growth prospects only. Such is the case with normal circumstances; the present COVID-19 scenario needs no emphasis. Businesses across the globe are finding it difficult to sustain. Real estate market is one of the sectors that are still standing strong compared to other business areas. The rise […]

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Everything to Know about Real Estate Investment in India

Real estate investment is famous around the world for being one of the most lucrative ones. The reasons behind it are obviously great returns on the real estate investment. A lot of people might wonder if the same is true for real estate investments in India. The conditions didn’t seem all that favourable in some […]

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4 Ways Cryptocurrency Prices affects Real Estate Market

An expert has looked at how cryptocurrency technology has dramatically impacted the real estate investment industry. We have become used to the idea of the transformative power of cryptocurrency technology. A more connected world of cryptocurrency prices has made running global teams simpler, advances in cloud and mobile technology have allowed us to collaborate more […]

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Professional Real Estate Listings WordPress Plugin

As a professional real estate brokerage firm working in residential and commercial, a single agent or a professional website development team looking to build a high-end real estate listings website(s), the Masterdigm plugin solution is your brilliant choice. Not simply a plugin.. but a full solution. Masterdigm professional real estate listings WordPress plugin is truly […]

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Professional Multilingual Real Estate Marketing Software

Zeekin is a professional multilingual real estate marketing software designed primarily to connect the stakeholders in the real estate business by enhancing online opportunities in the real estate industry through the latest technology. The real estate marketing software offers three different solutions for Marketplace, Agencies and Agents which will power complex real estate platforms and at […]

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WordPress real estate plugin to create homes for sale site

The cherry WordPress real estate plugin is the best  WP plugin with full functionality for a real estate website. The plugin is absolutely free with no competitors in the free plugins segment. The real estate plugin has the leading solution providing great functionality with a full set of tools required for your real estate website […]

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10 Email Marketing Tools to Boost your Real Estate Business

SMS messages are opened within just 5 minutes after being received. AgentDrive, the developer of the real estate Email and SMS marketing software has partnered with leading SMS API developers, Plivo and Twilio so that real estate marketers and agents can use feature-rich SMS apps to power their SMS marketing campaigns with half the effort […]

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12 Tools to create a professional Real Estate Listings Website

Many real estate agents and Realtors have spent so much money to own their real estate listings website. The real estate market is very competitive, and the real estate business is unique in that competitors must also coöperate with each other to make sure of a successful transaction. The real estate brokers need to have […]

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Donald Trump Organisation Real Estates Listings #Trump

Donald Trump organisation is one of the world’s leading global luxury real estate broker responsible for many of the international most recognised developments. The organisation is renowned for its leadership in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management representing the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential, office, and retail properties. Donald […]

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Rizwan Sajan Exposed Dubai’s Real Estate Boom Secrets

Rizwan Sajan is the founder and chairman of Danube Group which is the most undisputed market leader in building materials in the Emirate, created through years of astute growth under Sajan’s leadership. Rizwan Sajan’s venture has supplied building materials to just about every real estate development in Dubai since the property boom began. The Danube […]

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Experts Useful Tips for Equity Real Estate Business Owner

Equity Real Estate is an asset class consisting of equity and debt investments in property. Investments typically involve an active management strategy ranging from moderate reposition or releasing of properties to development or extensive redevelopment. Investments are typically made via private equity real estate fund, a collective investment scheme, which pools capital from investors. These […]

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Adrons Homes Real Estate Business Properties Exposed

Adrons homes real estate property is one of the local real estate investors and property development company in Nigeria whose purpose is to help people realize their aspirations for the pride of ownership, comfort, security and wealth through the provision of excellent homes and the will to provide homes for all classes of society with […]

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5 Tools to Create a Professional Real Estate Photography

If you are someone dealing with the professional real estate photography business and professional property photography, with RoomSketcher, you can easily add professional real estate floor plans to your portfolio of products. Start earning money and stand out from the crowd with professional, high-quality floor plans from RoomSketcher. Real estate photography is one of the […]

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Real Estate Leads Nurturing Using Content Marketing

Real estate leads are some of the most difficult but rewarding online leads you can work with has a real estate broker. Finding one good lead that closes a deal has the potential to pay for itself tenfold. The real estate leads normally come from real-world networking in addition to online sources. Most real estate […]

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African Continental Free Trade Agreement Benefits to Nigeria

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday 8th of July, 2019 signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA); to join over 50 other African countries in ratifying what is being considered as the largest free trade agreement in any continent in the world. The AfCFTA agreement is expected to encourage trade relations in Africa by […]

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