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Coronavirus Themed Phishing Emails Threats

Many hackers and cyber criminals are now sending phishing emails with malicious attachments presenting as an instruction around the coronavirus. These cyber criminals are using these phishing emails to deceive people inform of a topic in the news, especially ones that are of concern and worry to many people. The coronavirus has already led to […]

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7 Tips to Keep Yourself Free from Phishing Attack in 2020

Hackers are using some methods to infect computers with malware to steal valuable information, while others demand it from the front. Website phishing attack is one of the most effective ways to deceive unsuspecting victims. Phishing is a type of cybercrime that allows hackers to pretend to be an authoritative person, customer service representative, or […]

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Best Tips to Secure Your Expense Management Tool

As digitalization becomes more widespread, an increasing number of businesses are implementing modern technologies, such as expense management software. For example, employee expenditure reports and business travel and spending information are stored in expense management software. Companies must therefore be cautious when choosing an expense management tool. In addition, this step should be conducted to […]

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