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Online Business Blogs Secrets by Top 15 Successful Bloggers

Many people really thinking about the possibility of starting online business blogs to really make money online blogging. Here we have gathered the secrets of those top bloggers who are really making it big when it comes to blogging. Though we have many ways of starting online business blogs to make money online as a […]

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Easy WordPress Security Guides for Businesses 2021

As a newbie blogger, learning everything about WordPress security is an important part and beginning of your success as a blogger on the WordPress CMS platform, Nearly every day, Google does blacklist over 10,000 WordPress websites for malware and about 50,000 for phishing weekly. WordPress CMS has been rated as the best blogging platform that […]

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How to Rank Your Blog on Search Engine Faster

Trust is a gift that humans seldom give. The search engine also has an issue with trusting new online brands and blogs. Google’s main job is to satisfy users with information related to their search queries performed on their browsers. If you had a company whose trademark was to answer the questions of over 500 […]

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7 Link Building Myths that You Should Ignore

There is some link building myths out there that you should avoid while making a link building plan there is no scientific value of those myths, and that is only a roadblock in your strategy. And you know that links are the major ranking factor in the Google search result, and you can’t ignore them. […]

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Top Free Blogging Platforms of 2020

The digitization of the world has given rise to many new careers. 20 years ago, if I had gone to my parents and told them I wanted to be a full-time blogger on blogging platforms, they would have taken me to a shrink. However, now it’s a full time and highly appreciated career. To start […]

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My 3 Most Successful Content Marketer in Nigeria

A content marketer is someone who writes a blog. A blog is an online journal that a writer can use to share his ideas, thoughts, expertise, or interests. Therefore, a content marketer is someone who writes his ideas and thoughts online. Note the personal touch to that definition. Content marketing is about self-expression. Content marketing […]

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Free Website Search Engine Optimization Guides for High CTR

This is another article from our desk today on how you can promote your self-host website or blog for free doing some website search engine optimization and getting guaranteed daily free website traffic. By now, I presume that any blogger either newbie or pro blogger should know that without website traffic, is going to be […]

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4 Web Hosting Factors to Consider While Buying a Service

Web hosting is the next step after designing a website. However, web hosting and web designing are segregated from each other. Likewise, the website is also part and parcel of web host services and web design. You might get many suggestions after designing a website but very few web designers or web hosting providers are […]

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15 Online Money Making Business Without Google Adsense

Affiliate marketing websites are performance-based marketing platforms in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Performance-Based online money making business is a form of advertising in which the purchaser pays only when there are measurable results. Performance-based marketing is becoming more common […]

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