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How Online Ludo Games Became Famous in India?

Ludo Games, when we hear this word, many memories from childhood suddenly start playing in our heads. And as kids, we all have played this game and had fun with our loved ones every once in a while. Ludo is a board game having up to four players and four different colours of pawns. A […]

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Best Payment Gateway License in India: Process

Payment gateway act as an intermediary between merchants and consumers. It helps in facilitating transactions made in the online space. The online payment gateways and payment aggregators play a crucial role in enhancing the overall online experience. Some of the online payment channels offer white label services, which allow payment service providers, eCommerce platforms, ISOs, […]

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Head to Top 5 Destinations in India to Enjoy to Fullest

A magnum of places, culture, and traditions, India is one such country that is secular and a lot of people of different religion lives here. You can also opt for the Holiday Packages destinations in India no matter where you go across the country. With the help of the package, you will able to save […]

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MBA in Healthcare Management at Top MBA Colleges in India

Healthcare professionals and aspirants can now pursue MBA in Healthcare from top MBA Colleges in India. MBA in healthcare management is one of the most preferred courses to study these days. The annual course fees for studying this course is between 2 to 10 Lakhs and offers an annual package between 5 to 15 Lakhs […]

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10 Best Telecommunication Companies in India

The top telecommunications companies in India are collectively providing services to more than 1500 million subscribers pan India. The market for telecom services is becoming more competitive each year. Just like Jio launches unlimited calling and internet data, Airtel buying Telenor India and Vodafone is merging with the idea. The World can see now that […]

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100% Best AI Training Institute In Noida, India

The basic idea of AI training is to make human life’s easier. Researchers of AI want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines along with the general intelligence. And also, the main focus of Artificial Intelligence is to bring in advancement to computer functions associated with human intelligence, which includes reasoning, learning, and […]

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Real Estate India: All You Should Know Before Investing

Real estate is the world’s most reliable investment even today. For centuries, there have been fights over real estate India and property rights. Coming over to India, the investment only gets more attention because of the lucrative opportunities in the region. This is because of the major economic blooms in most of the inner cities […]

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Everything to Know about Real Estate Investment in India

Real estate investment is famous around the world for being one of the most lucrative ones. The reasons behind it are obviously great returns on the real estate investment. A lot of people might wonder if the same is true for real estate investments in India. The conditions didn’t seem all that favourable in some […]

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Fixed Deposit Vs Other 5 Investment Options in India

Fixed Deposit (FD) has been a staple investment option for Indians across income groups. With FD being a safe, reliable and straightforward way to grow money, it’s easy to understand why. Fixed deposits are a high-interest yielding Term deposit and offered by banks in India. The most popular form of Term deposits is FDs, while […]

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Indian Mobile Phone Market: How Chinese Brands Took Over

India is the 2nd largest mobile phone market globally, with almost every small and big brand drafting strategies to make the most of the lucrative opportunities here. Out of all smartphone companies, it is the Chinese phone makers that seem to have won the race and how! Ever since the entry of Xiaomi in India […]

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4 Steps to Choose the Best Credit Card in India

A credit card has become an essential in your wallet, and with good reason. This financial tool helps you bridge financial gaps during times of low liquidity and its many features offer a way to save while you spend. Apart from not needing to carry cash and making your transactions secure, the best credit card […]

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One of the Highest Term Deposit Interest Rates in India

Fixed deposits are considered as the safest and highest yielding term deposit in India since they offer a substantial return on the invested amount without any risk. These investment schemes hold a major share in the annual returns of Indian financial institutions with an estimated 57.7% share during FY 2018-19. With many individuals opting to […]

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5 Romantic Winter Honeymoon Places in India

Come wintertime, wedding event bells start calling almost all over the globe. Winter hits India in various means in the northern hillsides, there’s hefty snowfall and sunless skies for days, while the sun loads the desert of Rajasthan and also Gujarat with soothing warmth and periodic freezing winds. Choosing India as your preferred honeymoon places […]

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5 Important Reasons Why SSL Certificate India is Essential

With new types of exceedingly urbane cyber crimes, online security is becoming more and more important than ever. Now a lot of significant steps like the introduction of the SSL certificate are being taken for the restoration of digital trust and making a safer web for all users. In the year 2018, the General Data […]

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Interview with TheLister Startup that changed business in India

When and how did you start these changes in the business in India? The year was 2017 when I ( Pratik Bhuyan ) & Praveen had just completed one year from graduation. Honestly, we were not much of the best pals or “bros” in our college life, but we always conspired to do something unknown, […]

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Indian Stock Market Quotes and Live Share Prices Apps

The Indian Stock Market quotes and lives share prices mobile app is specially designed for the stock market traders who want to check the Indian live stock quotes on the move. It’s an all in one stock exchange mobile app which contains many features any share market trader would need. An online stock broker can […]

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