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Top 5 Mortgage Institutions in Nigeria by Dennis Isong

If you’ve come across this article, then you’re probably planning to own a house, trying to find the best mortgage offer or perhaps you are curious to know the top Five mortgage institutions in Nigeria. If you ever fall among any of these categories, then relax, you are in the right place as I have […]

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Poverty Alleviation: Help for Financial Needs

If you are in poverty, it is imperative that you find ways to alleviate poverty. A poverty alleviation program could be for people who have recently lost a job or those who are experiencing financial difficulties that may not go away overnight. Poverty alleviation can also be a way for those who have no source […]

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3 Best Way to Get a Financial Aid During Pandemic

Financial aid is funding made available exclusively to individuals by the Government, the Financial Institutions, or the Financial Technology Company especially students to assist them in covering the many costs they incurred in the pursuit of their post-secondary education. This financial aid is most available from the federal and state governments, the educational institutions, and […]

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Best Car Title Loans Financial Aids Provider in Canada

Many times people can face a shortage of funds. These cases include financial emergencies such as wedding tours and travel construction and renovation of homes, medical treatments, car title loans, business expansion, capital investment, and many more. In such cases, you can feel a burden on your pocket. However, the budget shortage can be one […]

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Financial Engineering Courses with 100% Free Tuition

Financial engineering entails the use of mathematical techniques to solve financial problems. Financial engineers use the tools and knowledge from the fields of computer science, statistics, economics, and applied mathematics to address current financial issues as well as to devise new and innovative financial products. The financial engineering courses are designed typically for people to […]

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9 Key Components of Financial Literacy Best Practices

With those out of our way, we can begin to look at what financial literacy really is, and how to actually develop one personally. According to Wikipedia, Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. […]

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How Rise of Neo Banks is Shaping the Fintech Industry

Neo banking has gained momentum in India lately. In fact, neo banks are capturing the fintech industry on a global level. You may be wondering what the buzz is there about neo banks. With the digital world achieving new heights, the concept of banking without banks and banks without branches is picking up. Every now […]

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6 Top Secured CBN Loan Funds For Entrepreneurs

The CBN loan is the amount of financial support given to individual or institutions with a condition the loan grants will be repaid on a later date with or without interest. Money is a necessity for business owners and entrepreneurs personal needs and business ideas to be materialised. A secured CBN loan is a loan […]

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How to Start a Business with the Right Techniques

To start a business is easy but making it sustainable is difficult. As entrepreneurs, making yourself a business leader can be daunting and challenging at the same time. One of the challenges is the finance required for a start-up. To cater to this financial need of entrepreneurs, many banks and financial institutions provide loans to […]

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14 Curious Facts about Gold Value to Make You Rethink

Gold is historically connected to money and investment. It’s the one asset that has maintained its value through the ages. This has been highlighted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has pushed gold value and price to near-historic highs. Top hedge fund founders are bullish on gold value and private banks are recommending that the […]

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5 Ways to Handle Bad Credit for Payday Loan Debt

Getting a bad credit payday loan can be a tricky thing to do because if you don’t have any credit, you will need to apply for a loan from the local bank or a payday lender. These types of loans are usually called “cash advance” loans because they are usually only available to people with […]

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Art of Profits Making that Should be In Your Knowledge

The business operates on the thumb rule that its financial growth and stability measure the company’s growth. In any business, the profits making strategy is on the topmost priority, and the functioning happens accordingly. We often hear success stories about how businesses instantly making hefty money, but the reality is much more different than showcased. […]

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Best Tips on Investing Money Wisely Online

The internet has changed the entire investing world as we know it. As a new investor, I have been in search of an efficient and useful resource to provide me with solid investment strategies so that I can start investing money. The world of financial markets is not as easy as some people may think. […]

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Principles of Market Economy for Demand and Supply

A market economy means an economy where the choices regarding production, investment and distribution are driven by the demand and supply forces of the market. Market economies are characterized by a low level of regulation, a strong central authority, and the absence of price regulation. The market economy can be divided into two broad categories: […]

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Why Should You Choose an Unsecured Business Loan

In India, it is easier to avail secured business loan from banks as compared to unsecured business loan. However, a large chunk of businesses prefers unsecured business loan as it does not require any collateral to be pledged and enables them to avail credit even without any asset. In recent years, the new age lending […]

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All you Need to Know about Home Top-Up Loan

Top-up loans are offered by lenders to their existing home mortgage customers to back the latter’s personal or professional requirements. Availing home top-up loan does not require fulfilling any additional eligibility criteria or furnishing any new documents. Additionally, the non-requirement of further verification process also makes the loan-approval and disbursement process quick and easy. A […]

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