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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods That Are Safe to Use

It’s an open secrete that, there exist many people, who are not the big fan of limiting their chatting experience within the limited features of official WhatsApp. They want to explore more features to break the boundaries. WhatsApp mod Apps were introduced to meet the same purpose. Now the question occurs – What are WhatsApp […]

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3 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools to Build Your Business

WhatsApp marketing is a very new, but growing and active form of marketing for small businesses. Not only can it be a valuable tool for reaching a massive audience, but the simplicity of using a phone app to reach an audience far and wide is also appealing. However, WhatsApp business marketing is not for everyone. […]

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How Does WhatsHash – CRM For WhatsApp Work?

WhatsHash is a new CRM for WhatsApp that enables organizations to connect and collaborate with their users using the WhatsApp platform. Although not fully functional yet, it seems to be one of the most useful solutions in the long run for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Social media is the next frontier for companies […]

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WhatsApp Business Solution Technology Reviewed

If you are looking for a great WhatsApp Business solution that can help you grow your business then you need to choose the right one. A simple Google search can get you in the wrong direction if you are not careful. Before you choose a WhatsApp business solution provider, you need to be aware of […]

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Whatsapp Conference Call: 8 Simple Steps to Get Started

WhatsApp Messenger is undoubtedly the most popular chatting application for iPhone and Android devices connecting people with their family and friends. Apart from sending messages alone, you can decide to do WhatsApp conference call to connect with a group of people via voice call or video call. WhatsApp conference call is very useful in this […]

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20 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks for Every Mobile Users

This is an article originally written by gadgets.ndtv to expose some hidden secrets of the world most popular chat messenger, WhatsApp. Most Android users and iPhones users are not aware of some certain WhatsApp tricks like scheduling messages on WhatsApp to sending WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers, this list of WhatsApp tricks has every detailed […]

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How to Advertise to WhatsApp users via Facebook Ads

There are many people who are willing to do business on WhatsApp and they are so desperate to advertise their brand to people but don’t really know how to set up a WhatsApp business account and start making sale without breaking the bank but always doing it wrongly which tend to lead to being removed […]

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6 Steps to Save WhatsApp Status Video on Your Smartphone

You can share your photos and a WhatsApp status video on your WhatsApp account with your friends and followers using your WhatsApp status. This feature is similar to the Instagram Stories and Snapchat where what you share on the status will be removed after 24hours. Creation of a WhatsApp status is very easy and to […]

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5 Steps to Setup Fingerprint Lock for WhatsApp Messenger

Another security feature by WhatsApp for its Android and iPhone users is the recent ability by users to add a fingerprint lock to their WhatsApp Messenger. The new features mean that another 3rd party users cannot access the WhatsApp chats without unlocking the app via a fingerprint saved on the phone by the user. You […]

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How to block someone from adding you to a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group is a very popular feature for keeping in touch with your friends and family worldwide. In order to make things simple WhatsApp earlier used to allow anyone to add anybody to any WhatsApp group, as long as they had the other person’s contact number. This feature has led to the massive issue of […]

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WhatsApp Business App Benefits to Promote Your Business

The WhatsApp business app is an Android app that will enable you to have your business presence on WhatsApp, communicating more effectively with your customers, and help you grow your business. The Android app will help business owner interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages. Having a […]

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WhatsApp WordPress Plugin for Your Business Website

WhatsApp is one of the most popular widely mobile chat apps with over 1.5 billion users globally, integration of this WhatsApp WordPress plugin will allow you to send messages directly to your potential customers who may be spread all over the world. Use of WhatsApp on your website as a customer service tool will extend […]

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9 Free Email Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketing is made easier with the use of eMail autoresponders. The autoresponders can fulfil tasks that would otherwise be difficult to complete and also be moulded to fit in with your marketing plan. For example, Internet marketers may decide that as part of their online marketing efforts they would like to offer a 5-part […]

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5 Best Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

A real estate video will provide an overview of the homes and properties you are willing to sell. Using a real estate video to sell a home is nothing new. However, not everything goes in this promotional video. In order to achieve a positive effect when selling your home, your videos must meet minimum quality […]

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5 Ways To Loyalty Check Investigation in Relationship

A loyalty check is something very important in a relationship because without loyalty in relation a couple is not a perfect couple. If you would like to explain love in one word that particular word could be loyalty. Loyalty check brings respect for love. But still, people involved in an extra affair despite being in […]

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3 Easy Ways to Share Twitch Video on Instagram

The pro gamers say, “you don’t have the excuse not to create gaming-related content and posting it on your other social networking sites. And that’s true twitch works perfectly as it shows content and pre-recorded games to the viewers in good quality. In contrast, other social media platforms are good at promoting your content only. […]

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