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Huawei P50 Pro Release Date With Super Specs

The Huawei P50 Pro is set to be one of the most popular phones of 2021. It has all the best features of a smartphone in terms of interface, user interface, and power efficiency. Although the sanctions imposed by the Chinese government are still in effect, the company is still poised to release the new […]

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Best Review of Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro Smartphone

What is Huawei’s best selling smartphone and who else is sharing the award for that honour? There are many powerful smartphones on the market today, and many are vying for the top spot. If you want to find out which are the leading and most popular phones on the market today, read this review of […]

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2 Main Reasons Huawei use of Android Restricted by Google

Huawei, the second-biggest smartphone maker as per recent statistics, has been barred by Google to receive some updates to the Android operating system. Huawei 5G technology is already under controversy worldwide as it is an expected threat to the security of the nations who will use it. Some countries have banned Huawei 5G phones and […]

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4 Super Features Huawei Y9s Brought to the Mobile World

Huawei Y9s is equipped with an Ultra-wide angle 48MP AI Triple Camera to deliver outstanding photography. With the increase of dependence on modern technology, it is no surprise that mobile phones and various accessories top everyone’s wish lists, but here is why we think the Huawei Y9s should definitely have a place in your list. […]

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Huawei P30 Lite 32MP Front Camera and 48 Triple Camera

The Huawei P30 lite hyper sampling lossless zoom technology enhances the 48MP ultra high definition lens of the smartphone to be turned into a super zoom lens. You will be able to capture incredible photos at a distance, comparable to a 2x optical zoom lens. P30 lite Huawei will broaden your perspective with the Huawei […]

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Vivo S6 Pro: Full Specs, Pricing and Release Date!

Launched in April 2020 in China, Vivo S6 Pro Smartphone is the flagship S-Series device from Vivo that comes with 5G capability. The Smartphone is already launched in the Chinese Marketplace back in April, and it is still to hit the global mobile market. Based on the fresh leaks and rumours online, Vivo S6 Pro […]

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Top 5 Trending Electronic Gadgets for the Year 2020

Excellence does not come cheap! So, when you are hell-bent on buying the latest and the best electronic gadgets, you should not allow ‘price’ to come on your way and distract your attention. If you are fine with lightening your wallet for the crème de la crème of technology, it’s important to make sure that […]

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5 Tips to Recover Contacts Deleted on Your Phone

Deletion of smartphone contacts is a big nightmare to almost to accidentally delete contacts on their mobile phone. This happens for many reasons like formatting your mobile phone, clicking wrong buttons, losing the backup, mistakenly installing malware, unintentional erasing of numbers and all others. But one thing is certain, to recover contacts deleted is indeed […]

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Google Fi Wireless Now Works With iPhone and Android

Seem out Verizon, AT&T, and T-cell, there’s a brand new service on the town. Google is opening up its task Fi nationwide instant service to manner more phones, together with the most popular iPhones, Galaxy phones, and GSM-most effective Android phones of the year. but, unluckily, you won’t be getting the total Fi experience. To […]

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