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Google Pixel 2 Wireless Charger Best Review

When it involves picking the most effective wireless charger, it isn’t one size fits all. you’ve got single-device wireless chargers that are great for supplying power to one phone and more versatile wireless chargers for people who want to juice multiple gadgets quickly. How To charge the pixel 2 phones? You initially need 2 inexpensive […]

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Using Google My Business Page to get my Website to the top of Google

Local Search Engine Optimization is dominating the internet for digital marketing business when it comes to ranking on Google. It may be impossible to get your business website to appear at the top of Google search engine results pages, but in reality, it just requires putting time and effort into your Google My Business page […]

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How to Use Google My Business Page to Improve Your Website Ranking

Google My Business Page is one of the most powerful SEO tools to improve your business website search engine ranking, SEO optimization, and business visibility online. Many business owners never quite get around to creating a Google My Business page. But since Google pretty much owns the search space, you are missing out on this […]

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Google Fi Wireless Now Works With iPhone and Android

Seem out Verizon, AT&T, and T-cell, there’s a brand new service on the town. Google is opening up its task Fi nationwide instant service to manner more phones, together with the most popular iPhones, Galaxy phones, and GSM-most effective Android phones of the year. but, unluckily, you won’t be getting the total Fi experience. To […]

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OnePlus 8 And OnePlus 8 Pro free Upgrade Sites

As reported through XDA developers, OnePlus has already released the Android eleven Beta on suitable of OxygenOS. This new upgrade of Android 10 to Android 11 beta give OnePlus users and other users of mobile phones compatible with the Android 11 bets to download and deploy the updated software on their mobile device in an […]

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6 Steps to Save WhatsApp Status Video on Your Smartphone

You can share your photos and a WhatsApp status video on your WhatsApp account with your friends and followers using your WhatsApp status. This feature is similar to the Instagram Stories and Snapchat where what you share on the status will be removed after 24hours. Creation of a WhatsApp status is very easy and to […]

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The Best Samsung Phones to Buy in 2021

We’ve compiled a list of all of the best Samsung devices you can buy soon. Here’s a list of all the best Samsung phones you can buy for the next couple of years: Samsung Galaxy S10 Series There’s no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S9 series has been a huge success for the company. The […]

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Huawei P50 Pro Release Date With Super Specs

The Huawei P50 Pro is set to be one of the most popular phones of 2021. It has all the best features of a smartphone in terms of interface, user interface, and power efficiency. Although the sanctions imposed by the Chinese government are still in effect, the company is still poised to release the new […]

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How to Rank Your Blog on Search Engine Faster

Trust is a gift that humans seldom give. The search engine also has an issue with trusting new online brands and blogs. Google’s main job is to satisfy users with information related to their search queries performed on their browsers. If you had a company whose trademark was to answer the questions of over 500 […]

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3 Best Low Light Video Cam to Purchase

In case you’re keen on shooting great video utilizing a DSLR or mirrorless camera you, old buddy, are in karma: anything is possible for you and flooded with numerous quality choices. Yet, with such a significant number of decisions it tends to be difficult to choose which video camera to purchase — and, incidentally, we […]

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Best Review of Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro Smartphone

What is Huawei’s best selling smartphone and who else is sharing the award for that honour? There are many powerful smartphones on the market today, and many are vying for the top spot. If you want to find out which are the leading and most popular phones on the market today, read this review of […]

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Motorola Moto G Power – Testers Review

The Motorola Moto G Power is the latest instalment in the already highly successful Motorola Smartphone range. What makes this handset unique is that it’s not just another phone. Instead, it’s a fully-featured computer. It has an integrated touch screen, making it truly one of the most advanced mobile phones on the market. This incredible […]

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Why Apple iPhone 11 Pro Voted Best Overall Smartphone

Whether you have just purchased an Apple iPhone or you’ve been using it for some time, it is important to keep up with the latest innovations from the company. New devices are always being launched by Apple, and each one is a big leap forward in terms of performance and quality. And now the Apple […]

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Android Q Features and Everything you Need to Know

In the early morning of May 8th, Google officially held the annual Google I / O Developer Conference. At the meeting, Google showed the plans and directions for the coming year, and also showed their progress in artificial intelligence and search. But for us, we are more concerned about the latest Android Q system. After […]

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9 Best Real Estate WordPress Theme for Property Listings

The DreamVilla real estate WordPress theme is a multi-purpose theme that comes with two Unique Demo Variations. Each demo includes 3 Homepage Variations. We have added Homepage Variation with Google Map as well. There are 5 different variations for Showcasing your Properties. Properties can be-be listed with and without sidebar. Added Detail Oriented Property Detail […]

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20 Free Photo Editing Software Alternative to Photoshop

Many people solely depend on Photoshop for editing their picture because is the most advanced and popular photo editing tool having so many features not available in other photo editing software. But notwithstanding, with or without Photoshop, the following Photoshop editor software alternatives can edit photos and do some other little stuff but when it […]

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