9th Generation Alienware M15 Core i7 Laptop

Alienware m15 is thinner and lighter than the previous Alienware generation laptops. The laptop is packed with Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech v3.0 and the latest in NVIDIA graphics. All the Alienware laptops are engineered with copper cooling, Quad HD+ displays, high-performance CPUs and the latest Intel® Core processors, for an impressive unified experience that brings your games to life.

To give you powerhouse performance, they are packed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and the latest NVIDIA technology like ray tracing, DLSS, and Artificial Intelligence enhanced graphics rendering. Every Alienware laptop is crafted with magnesium alloy for a durable, elite feel that’s effortlessly mobile. The four-zone, multi-colour RGB keyboard offers you total AlienFX control and programmable keys.

You can connect your Alienware laptop or Alpha to the Graphics Amplifier to unlock new levels of intensity. Get lost in the desktop-class graphics or go further with full VR immersion. The Alienware m15 is able to squeeze out more performance than another gaming laptop when given the same CPU and GPU.

Alienware M15 Specs

The new Alienware m15 gaming laptop is lighter and leaner than the previous m15. Designed from the ground up, the m15 features a premium magnesium alloy chassis based on our new legendary design and high-contrast finish colour options including Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon.

Alienware m15 is hardwired for greater efficiency and sustained turbo frequencies, enabling longer stretches of GPU and CPU high performance. To take on even the most challenging titles, the Alienware M15 brings NVIDIA GeForce 16 Series and 20 Series GeForce RTX cards with the latest in shading advancements and NVIDIA technologies like ray tracing, DLSS, and AI-enhanced graphics.

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The latest thermal technology, Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech v3.0, is engineered to accompany and protect 6-phase CPU voltage regulation and 8-phase GPU voltage regulation, as well as a 10% diameter increase in the CPU fan blades and 20% diameter increase in the GPU fan blades of the new m15. In addition, the new m15 offers improved airflow and 20% less obstruction than Cryo-Tech v2.0 by directly channelling the cooler air onto the most sensitive cores of the system.

Dell Alienware m15 Battery Life

With all the latest engineering enhancements, users can expect increased power efficiency and higher speeds for longer sustained periods

9th Generation Alienware M15 Core i7 Laptop
  • Dual-intake, dual-exhaust airflow design: The thin and light chassis prioritizes performance with a dual fan design that pulls in cool air from the top and bottom vents and exhales exhaust out the rear and side vents for optimal cooling of the core components.
  • High voltage driving fan: The fire-resistant, Kevlar-like liquid-crystal polymer fan blades include sleeve bearings, and 3-phase fan control to create less friction and circulate air more efficiently. There are now 106 unique fan blades to cool both the CPU and GPU.
  • Load-balancing heat pipes: The dynamics of thermal activity across critical components like the GPU and the CPU are intelligently discharged across four 6mm diameter copper-composite heat pipes.
  • Dense copper fin stacks: The new generation copper fin stack design provides more surface area for heat transfer to occur, improving its ability to expel heat and increase system performance.
  • Dynamic thermal control: A built-in gyroscope and accelerometer can tell if you are gaming on your desktop or lap, and it will automatically adjust the temperature and up your system’s performance while you’re gaming on your desktop.
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Alienware m15 Technology Review

The new Alienware m15 offers incredible display options and the thinnest left and right bezels (5.6mm) among all Alienware gaming laptops for gamers who demand the best visual experiences possible.

  • Superior visuals: An OLED 4K display option beyond the standard 100% colour gamut features 1ms response time, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 60Hz refresh rate and 400-nit brightness so gamers can get lost in vivid, lifelike visuals and pulse-racing gameplay. Combining the ultra-high definition of our 4K display with the high contrast and wide colour gamut of OLED, gamers will be able to experience what visuals without compromise look like.
9th Generation Alienware M15 Core i7 Laptop
  • Rapid refresh rate: For gamers who prioritize blazing-fast, uninterrupted gaming, the Alienware m15 offers 240Hz and 144Hz panel options. The 240Hz panel includes sRGB 100% colour gamut, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300-nit brightness, and 7ms response time. The 144Hz panel includes a 72% NTSC colour gamut, 800:1 contrast ratio, 300-nit brightness, and a 9ms response time.
  • Stunning from the start: The base panel features an FHD display, 72% colour gamut, 60Hz refresh rate, 800:1 contrast ratio, 25ms response time and 300-nit brightness.

Advanced Eye Tracking Features

This is available for the first time in a 15″ Alienware laptop, next-gen Tobii eye tracking adds a completely new form of immersion to your game. Smaller sensors with wake capabilities enable features and sensitivity to track head pose, presence, fine gaze and eye position.

  • Available in OLED, 240Hz and 144Hz 15″ panel options.
  • Enhanced interactions: UI elements fade when not making eye contact so you can get deeper into the game. Characters know when you’re looking at them and will respond accordingly.
  • New tracking tools: Learn, train and improve using eye tracking-enabled tools designed to measure your mini-map awareness and help you learn when to pay attention to the clock.
  • Software support: Show viewers where you’re looking while streaming your favourite game. Tobii Ghost software supports all major streaming platforms and software.
  • Twitch-ready: Toggle between visualizations like heatmaps, shadow, and spotlight using our extension. You no longer need to move your mouse to show viewers what you’re talking about; just glance at it.
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Gaming Enhancing Features

  • Dual SSDs: Alienware m15 includes two RAID 0 SSDs. This means the two drives are recognized as a single large drive, maximizing transfer rates and enabling maximum storage and performance.
  • Rapid connectivity: Optional Killer™ Networking E3000 2.5Gbps Ethernet NIC and Intel® 8265 WIFI ensure blazing-fast speed. This marks the first time a 15″ Alienware system offers up to 2.5Gbps Ethernet. Base setup also includes Killer™ Ethernet and Killer™ E2600 Gigabit Ethernet controller.
  • Outstanding battery life: A Lithium-Ion 76WHr battery delivers longer uninterrupted gameplay.

The new Alienware Command Center includes an easy and intuitive overclocking control module that allows the user to quickly and safely squeeze additional performance out of their system. Create your own system overclocking profiles, then easily control their system performance.

The latest AlienFX hardware and software supports full RGB values with up to 16.8 million colours. Easily manage your FX lighting zones, edit peripheral settings and save new themes you can then assign for each game.

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9th Generation Alienware M15 Core i7 Laptop

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