With the popularity of video content marketing and how people are now using video to market different kinds of products, including mobile phones and digital cameras, it is now safe to say that video marketing services are an important part of any business plan.

The use of video content on the Internet has tremendously grown in the past few years, and with the use of YouTube video content, video has become an essential aspect of the digital marketing process for business owners.

Video Content Marketing

Video marketing strategy is one of the techniques designed by digital marketers to create, curate, and use videos as a means of marketing their brands and services to their targeted audience. Video creation for promotion takes the same planning as would for any other digital marketing strategy.

What is Video Content Marketing

This is the process of using videos to promote and grow your business. This could be in the form of using videos for getting leads, building traffic to your business website or selling a video product. Video content marketing is good because of its ability to grow and spread as fast and as widely as a biological virus but in the marketing sense.

This can help you reach a wide range of audiences in a short amount of time and at a low cost. Recent research proved that people are more comfortable watching videos, so much more because you can incorporate visual and audio elements which can excite emotions and make the content interesting.

But just how do you begin to incorporate the video content marketing strategy into your business marketing plan?

Before we jump into talking about the video content marketing strategies, we need to look at some of the top video content marketing benefits that can generate more income in your business. Many businesses get higher income whenever they use video marketing to promote their business. Read: 12 Modern Strategies to Promote Your Business

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We’re just going to look at 5 of these video content marketing benefits before we move on to the strategies.

Video adverts rank higher on search engine

We are all aware that YouTube and another video website like are the most popular platform that is dedicated exclusively for video marketing, this simply shows that video content marketing is the best one for every search engine in the online world.

Videos can generate a better user experience through a search engine, and this is why video content always appears on top of search results in Google searches.

Video content marketing is dynamic and very recyclable

The video content can easily be turned into various formats like a gif, a shorter version of the same video, a trailer or an Instagram reel. Video content is versatile since you just need to put a little bit of extra effort into using it to promote your content.

Creating a video can be simple. You can use CreatorKit to create your videos and add texts to your videos, simply add your brand logo, and generate amazing motion graphics videos.

Video content marketing can help your business to remain relevant

Most internet prefers brands that keep up with the trends of the modern world. The number of videos people are sharing online daily is increasing and the tendency does not seem to be ending soon but only getting stronger.

Video Content Marketing

Use of video ads to promote and boost business messages accros the internet is a smart choice to keep your brand looking updated and cool.

Video content get more sharing on the social media website

As a marketer, you need to be aware of the fact that you need to be generating video content that users will find entertaining, emotional and, shareable. Video is a more dynamic, fun and catchy way to reach more audiences and make people want to share your videos with their friends and this will definitely generate more organic traffic for your website.

Video ads can increase the time a visitor will spend on your website

If a user clicks on your website but leaves immediately, search engines will understand that your website provides poor user experience and surely punish you for it by not showing your website in the search results often.

Since users prefer video content, they will definitely want to watch the videos on your website that are interesting enough to catch their attention, through this, engine will see that users are spending lots of time on your website and rank it on top of the search result pages.

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Start by deciding what you want your video to accomplish

The simplest way to determine this is to research on YouTube to find out what is the most popular videos in your niche. The best videos tend to fall into one of two categories: tutorial or entertainment. Now, let’s jump to the video content marketing strategy you can use to promote your brands.

Choosing the type of video you want to create

There are many different types of video content marketing, and you can choose the type that most closely matches your business or brand. These can include

  • How-to videos (tutorials)
  • Do it yourself (DIY) video
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials, or
  • What-to-say videos

Making a decision where you would like to set up your video

  • Would you like to use your own, external microphone?
  • Do you want to outsource this task or will you do it yourself?

There are also many different resolutions and frame runs to consider.

Choosing your video topic

There are many different possibilities here, from health issues to celebrity gossip, to current events. You will definitely want to be careful when writing your topic, as videos that are too topical may lose their interest factor with time.

Once you have chosen your topic, you need to decided upon the topic to the writer

If you are going to write a description of what your video is about, or you want to create a custom summary, you are definitely going to create a custom summary, you need to make sure that your video is compelling, and that it contains all the information that your subscribers need and want to hear.

And, of course, it must be written by you. There are also many different resolutions and frame runs to consider.

Next is to choose your video format

  • Have you decided upon your format?
  • Are you going to use standard YouTube formatting for your video content marketing?
  • Or do you want to create your own your own topic?

If you plan on creating your own topic, take a look at many different types of videos on YouTube. You may find that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish more easily with one type of format, than with another.

For example, short promotional videos tend to utilize shorter 30-second format videos, whereas, long instructional or tutorial videos utilize longer 60-second format videos.

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Once you have decided upon video format, choose your title

  • Have you decided upon your description?
  • Are you going to use standard YouTube formatting for your video content marketing title?
  • Or do you want to create your own description?

If you want to create your own description, you need to make sure that it is compelling and that it contains all the information that your viewer will need and want to hear.

You need to decide upon your video format, title and description

  • Have you decided upon your Message?
  • What does your video message consist of?
  • What is the point of your video?
  • Have you decided upon the length?
  • Are you planning on including Music?
  • Have you chosen a mood?

After taking all these decisions, you will need to move to the create video section of your YouTube account and now you can begin the editing process.

  • Have you chosen Music? You will want to make sure that each music selection you use is appropriate.
  • Do you wish to use Background sounds?
  • Have you chosen a Mood?
  • Have you chosen a Feel?
  • How about a Expression?
  • How about a Clarity?
  • Have you chosen a Spacing?
  • Have you already added any transitions?
  • Have you decided upon the Focus?
  • Have you already added any Effects?
  • Have you already inserted any narration? Have you chosen an Audio format?
  • Do you wish to add narration?
  • Have you chosen your Video length?

When you finished with the video, you have to decide if you want to add any annotations. You also need to decide if you are going to add any credits or add any notes to the video content marketing you have produced


You will need to add communication after you have uploaded your video. If you have added any communication, you need to choose your language.

The sooner you start making use of video content marketing to promote your business, the better for your brand. With good video marketing production, you can sit down and watch your business grow from the small category to become a giant in your field.

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