9 Top Web Design Digital Technology for Coders

We are discussing the top digital technology you need to learn and understand how to use if you want to build your website or design a website for your clients. To build a website, you need to use multiple types of digital technology to help you create your dream website.

Most of the modern websites are built using various web design digital technology. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with these digital technologies to learn about their pros and cons to understand the long-term impact they will have on the website you are going to design.

Top Web Design Digital Technology

Though, we don’t have a single or a particular digital technology to build a website.

The factors that will determine the web design digital technology you need for your web design is based on your website design and what your clients are demanding, the client’s collective team talents, development and licensing costs, as well as the organization’s internal guidelines, website performance, maintainability, ease of scalability for growth and many more.

Your clients cannot impose a specific digital technology on you, especially if it is not their area of expertise. Your clients should issue a recommendation with an explanation as to why the digital technology they’re recommending is the best choice for you to use.

Here are 6 essential web design digital technologies you need to know


These are the 2 of the core digital technology for building websites. HTML provides the structure of the website, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. Along with graphics and scripting, HTML and CSS are the basis of building a website and Web Applications.

HTML is the language for describing the structure of websites. HTML gives authors the means to:

  • Publish online documents with headings, text, tables, lists, photos, etc.
  • Retrieve online information via hypertext links, at the click of a button.
  • Design forms for conducting transactions with remote services, for use in searching for information, making reservations, ordering products, etc.
  • Include spread-sheets, video clips, sound clips, and other applications directly in their documents.
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CSS is the language for describing the presentation of websites, including colours, layout, and fonts. CSS allows one to adapt the presentation to different types of devices, such as large screens, small screens, or printers. CSS is independent of HTML and can be used with any XML-based markup language.

The separation of HTML from CSS makes it easier to maintain websites, share style sheets across pages, and tailor pages to different environments. This is referred to as the separation of structure (or: content) from the presentation. Learn more

If you don’t have experience with coding your website, you’ll need to partner with a web developer to code your site for you. You can also try using a website builder like Wix or WordPress since they generate code for you, but the room for customization is limited.

Web Development Framework

This is a powerful digital technology that can make a web developer’s job easier. Web Development Framework provides a standardized set of design and development conventions that can be applied and modified for any website.

Web Development Framework take care of tasks like default browser settings, file structures, and layout templates for a website. This framework generates a uniform design for page elements like text, tables, forms, and buttons, amongst other things.

Even complex navigation menus become standardized with frameworks as they can be consistently applied across a website with ease.

Types of Web Development Framework

Backend frameworks

These are designed to take the responsibility of interacting with the database an easier endeavour for the developer. It automates a lot of functions and processes that web developers use to record and retrieve user-inputted data.

Frontend frameworks

As the name suggests, these are very helpful on the presentation side of the website, creating a good foundation from which to build pages. These frameworks combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript to be effective in creating conventions for various elements. Typically front-end web developers use them in conjunction with other effective tools.

Multiple web application digital technologies can help with the web development framework of your website.

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Here are a few options

Yii Framework

These tools can help you develop a framework for websites and apps, allowing you to create what you need with less hassle.

Programmatic Language

Next on our list of web development, digital technology is programmatic language. Computers and web browsers have a specific language for communicating what they display. This programmatic language is necessary for people to see your website correctly.

If you want to communicate your ideas effectively and share them between browsers and computers, you need to use web development digital technology to do it.

For programmatic language, one of the highest recommended tools is Ruby. This web development digital technology is open-source and allows you to integrate programming language into your website to ensure that you’re communicating properly.

Web developers can use any programmatic language tool to help them develop the right language to display their website development.

Data format

This is a web application digital technology used mainly for coding in web development. The data format is how a web developer’s coding data is arranged. Since data can appear in numerous structures, a web developer needs to use a specific data format to ensure the website looks consistent across the board.

When choosing a data format, there are 3 main options:

  • JSON: This data format is derived from JavaScript and is easiest for people to read and write. It is one of the most common data formats for storing and transporting data, as it’s easy to understand and language independent.
  • XML: This is a markup language that’s similar to HTML. It was designed to be self-descriptive and store and transport data. XML is just information wrapped in tags.
  • CSV: This is a plain text file that contains your data. This text file uses commas to separate the values in a text file and only contains letters and numbers.

The data format is web development digital technology a web developer needs to ensure he/she communicate its data correctly.


This is another critical component of web development digital technology. Libraries are groups of code snippets that allow web developers to have more functionality without doing as much coding.

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One of the most popular libraries is jQuery which operates in the Javascript library. This web development digital technology makes it easier for web developers to use JavaScript on their websites because it simplifies the amount of code needed to use.

jQuery, in particular, can help web designers turn multiple lines of code into one simple line to keep their code from getting cluttered.


This is the last piece of web design digital technology web developers need for their website development. Databases are where all their website’s data is stored.

Data comes in 2 formats

  • SQL: It provides structure to make sure the data you input is correct. You can manipulate the data to access databases. SQL can do anything from executing queries against a database to creating new tables within a database.
  • NoSQL: This is a database built for specific data models. These SQL databases are recognized for their ease of development and functionality.

There are other multiple web design digital technology options to help web developers build databases, these include:

Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon DynamoDB

If you are looking at all the web development digital technology you need to build your website, it can quickly feel overwhelming to try and make sense of it all. On top of that, you need a visually compelling and search engine optimization (SEO) friendly website.

With a dedicated team of web developers and proprietary marketing software, MarketingCloudFX, web design doesn’t have to be a burden. You can hire a web development company that will offer you award-winning web design services that provide you with everything you need to build success for your business.

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