9 Reasons a Guest Speaker is Important in an Event

Event speakers deliver exciting and relevant content to an audience. These people have specific expertise or experience that will be informative and captivating and help your event stand out from the rest. Guest speakers will consistently deliver engaging speeches to connect with an audience personally.

The speakers are usually not profoundly connected with the event or running it in any way. Instead, the guest speaker may add to the event by

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Indicating support
  • Entertaining others
  • Or doing a little bit of all of these things

Whether your event is corporate or educational, the guest speaker you choose will not only add professionalism but also provide value for your attendees.

Reasons a Guest Speak is Important

Typically, a guest speaker’s success depends upon how well-matched the message or speech may be to the event in question and how well the speaker can deliver a speech or set forth a compelling message.

Guest Speaker

A successful guest speaker must be able to craft a speech that will be enjoyed and well received by the audience. Some preparation is necessary for this, and some speakers entirely write speeches or memorize them.

In each case, the guest speakers are invited because they will speak or communicate with the audience by doing the following.

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Educate and Inspire

Inviting a guest speaker to your events will enhance the educational experience for attendees. Speakers with a good topic can even help people to be more inspired about their careers and goals.

Networking Opportunities

Event guest speakers are already in industry circles and have access to other professionals. It means they can use the opportunity to introduce attendees to influential people. In turn, it helps them network with others who have similar interests or need help with specific projects.

Increase Attendance

Guest speakers capable of engaging an audience will make all the difference. You want your event to be engaging, informative, and educative to keep attendees attentive.

The event should be a memorable experience that guests will share with friends, family, or coworkers. So the guest speakers you choose should add value to your attendees by offering unique information and allowing participation.

Increase Revenue

Adding event speakers will attract more people and create an opportunity for professionals and businesses to increase their revenue. The organizer of an event can use the guest speaker’s knowledge and experience to help attendees sell more and increase the value of their services.

Communication Opportunities

A guest speaker at your event will create opportunities for attendees to interact easily. They will do the work of reducing tension in the venue; some speakers can make jokes or sing for the guests.

Where strangers will find it challenging to begin a conversation, a speaker may raise a provocative question or bring up a controversial discussion. The aim is to make people share their opinions and eventually feel confident communicating.

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A Good Event Guest Speaker Can Do More Than Just Speak

Make Presentations More Memorable

Not only should your guest speakers be experts, but the speakers can also use various tools to help them make presentations more memorable for attendees. It could be anything from projections, videos, or other types of media during their presentation to help people learn and retain information.

Answer Questions

Your guest speakers should also have a good understanding of the topics they will be discussing. That way, they will manage to answer questions during their sessions, which will make the entire event more interactive and exciting for attendees.

Participates in Breakout Sessions

A good guest speaker will engage the audience and know how to deliver a fantastic message during a breakout session. For example, attendees may get some one-on-one advice from the speaker.

Also, the speaker should manage to network with the people they meet at your event to encourage collaboration with others and help them achieve their goals.

For example, if you have an upcoming fundraising event and one of your speakers has experience raising money for charities or non-profits, consider asking them to talk about their experiences during a breakout session.

Add Value To the Event

A good guest speaker will also make your event an exciting and valuable experience for your attendees. For example, if you are putting on a conference or tradeshow, make sure to ask them to participate in activities such as sports or games. It will add enjoyment and value to their presentations, which can help draw more people into the event.

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Act as a Resource After the Event

Ask your guest speakers to be a resource for the attendees after the event ends. It can include anything from adding them to your email list to posting information on their websites or social media profiles.
In other words, don’t just invite them to speak – consider inviting them to stay.

Guest speakers who are experts in their fields will promote your event and enhance the educational experience for your attendees. It might be tempting to take on the role of a speaker, but remember, a professional speaker does it the best.


Contact any notable guest speakers within your area and conduct interviews to determine the most suitable for your forthcoming event. Remember, the presence of a speaker will always make your event look more professional.

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