9 Best Uses of WordPress Forms on the Internet

Are you having difficulty implementing a new feature on your WordPress website? There’s a good chance that some of the items on this list are applications for which WordPress forms are ideal!

  • Are you having difficulty locating the correct tool for the job?
  • Not even sure which tool to use?
  • When was the last time you took a good look at what your WordPress forms are capable of?

You may already have the required tool installed!

Every day, we put our WordPress websites to a million and one different uses. There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress Form Builder plugins available to help with everything from lead qualification to accepting job applications to selling things and accepting donations.

Many of those activities may be handled by a single plugin. WordPress forms are significantly more customizable than the majority of users think. With that in mind, spend a few minutes with us as we explore below many unique ways to use WordPress forms!

Booking and registering for events and shows using Forms

Many people can make it hard to plan an event or set up time slots. Start off organized, and you can cut down on a lot of the chaos that comes with these situations. WordPress forms are a great way for people to sign up for appointments and events.

9 Best Uses of WordPress Forms on the Internet

Limit the number of submissions, set a time limit, or even have the data populate into spreadsheets or your favourite organizing tool. You can do this with the app. Send registration confirmations, send notifications to specific event planners, and even collect fees right from the form.

Better yet, give your guests a way to tell you what they want without giving them too many choices that are not relevant. Smart forms can ask a person who wants to sign up about the basics and then show them different options based on what they say. People who don’t like meat should never be asked again whether they want prime rib.

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Take Job Applications and Other Documents using forms

In the same way that mobile devices overtook the desktop a few years ago, most job seekers go online to look for potential employers before they go out and hand out paper applications. If you don’t use this, you’re missing out on a lot of people who could work for you and maybe your next great employee.

Forms make it easy for you to accept files from people who want to send you their resumes, CVs, and other employment documents. If you want to, you can even use the form itself as the form itself! Users can register if they want, fill out an application, and get the necessary documents, all with the help of WordPress forms.

Accept Media Files, like photos, audio, and video, as well as other types of files

There are many reasons why you might want to let people submit media to your website, from education to entertainment to documentation. WordPress forms not only make this easy, but they also make it very safe. With a good WordPress form builder plugin, you should be able to drag and drop a media file into a single field and put it there.

9 Best Uses of WordPress Forms on the Internet

They should also let you limit file uploads by extension, type, and other parameters in order to cut down on spam, so this should be possible. Look for a feature that lets you move these files to a storage service of your choice, like Dropbox or Amazon S3, so you don’t run out of space on your server.

Allow customers to leave reviews and write testimonials.

Social proof is an extremely effective method. The majority of buyers read product reviews before making a purchase, and seeing others provide favourable feedback on a product is a guaranteed method to persuade the hesitant to buy.

Testimonials are generally more involved than simple reviews, but they can also be done quite easily with a form. Allow users to attach an image to accompany their content for enhanced authenticity, pick where they want them to appear on the site, and moderate/approve them before they go live. It’s something you can set up the mechanics for once and then forget about it!

Online product sell and collect payment through forms

One-time (or recurring) donations and one-time payments aren’t the only options for a form. WordPress storefront plugins like WooCommerce are available, but they may be too complicated or feature-rich for your needs.

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You don’t have to need a full-on commercial plugin to take orders and handle payments if you just want to use WordPress forms. You don’t have to give up on your freedom, though! You still have the ability to create stunning product pages that include images and a wide range of product options.

A payment gateway service like Stripe or PayPal is all that is needed to get started. To top it all off, WooCommerce subscriptions are a breeze to set up, so check out our comprehensive tutorial. Your form builder should be able to integrate with dependable subscription management providers.

Contact Forms in Website (That Do More than You Think They Can)

Without a doubt, Contact Forms are the most generic use case for a forms plugin. Everyone has one, but are you making the most of yours? Numerous people do not!

While it is sometimes possible to wait for your guests to reach out, it is detrimental to your business to keep them waiting for an extended period of time. Any decent contact form plugin should provide automated email notifications when a contact form is submitted. Utilize these to ensure that you are always aware of your guests’ needs.

Other contributions are more time-sensitive and may necessitate immediate attention. Is it possible for your WordPress forms solution to send SMS/text notifications or to notify you via company channels such as Slack or Trello? Find someone who can do so immediately! Suggestions for further reading: Trello vs. Asana.

Increase Your Subscriber Lists Through Creative Placement and Call-to-Action

Almost every email subscription provider, from MailChimp to Constant Contact, includes pre-built forms for visitors to use when subscribing. They work, but they have limitations. Design, positioning, aesthetics, and function are all rather ‘locked’ in and impervious to change.

A dedicated form plugin is capable of much more than simply replicating the functionality of these services’ default signup forms. Go above and beyond with innovative approaches that will attract attention to your subscription forms and exponentially boost the size of all your lists.

These are a few examples of what dedicated forms solutions can provide:

  • Images
  • A call-to-action is included in the header text
  • Custom styling and layout of fields
  • You can automatically pop-up a message when a user makes a specific interaction with your website

Integrate with Your Favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service

Consumer relationship management becomes a real necessity as firms expand their customer bases. While there are numerous wonderful CRM systems available, many people struggle with the process of transferring client data from a website to a service.

9 Best Uses of WordPress Forms on the Internet

Eliminate that agony completely by implementing a WordPress forms solution that integrates securely and reliably with the CRM service of your choice. Working through your CRM can frequently be hard enough… There is no reason to add to that effort by maintaining a proprietary integration or manually transferring data.

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Numerous WordPress form solutions integrate natively with nearly all of the most popular CRM providers available. From Salesforce to Zoho, Capsule to ConvertKit, you can find what you need. Locate it! Additionally, take a look at these popular WordPress CRM solutions.

Collect Feedback on Your Product or Service from Customers

User input is an excellent indicator of how to improve your product or service. While word of mouth will eventually find its way back to you, you’re missing out on significant development potential if you’re not actively listening to your customers.

Encourage regular consumer feedback to help guide the future path of your offering. Additionally, merely keeping an eye on the pulse of your paying clients is a significant competitive advantage in any business. Utilizing a form to collect consumer feedback is straightforward, straightforward, and simple but effective.

Your form can be included in follow-up emails or added to any page on your website. Notifications keep you informed about new feedback submissions. Even better, incorporate some conditional logic into your feedback form to notify you immediately through SMS/text when you receive a negative response from a user!


There are many things we are able to do with forms on websites. Forms are very useful in the online business of product or service to grow with your audience and users, utilize what kind of advantages you can take using forms and top the business.

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9 Best Uses of WordPress Forms on the Internet

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