9 Best Stock Trading Courses Websites to Visit

There are many online stock trading courses for beginners available. TD Ameritrade and Elearnmarkets are among the leading companies offering such courses. NSE Academy and Bear Bull Traders are also excellent resources.

These stock trading companies are partnered with major institutions and are renowned for their customer service and educational material. Beginners who want to learn more about stock trading can start with their stock trading courses by taking the NSE Academy’s free online stock trading courses.


A good place to start learning about the stock market is by taking an Investopedia stock trading course for beginners. These stock trading courses provide fundamental information about trading, including the basics of technical analysis and buying and selling stocks.

Students will learn about market psychology, trading techniques, and the different types of markets. These stock trading courses also teach you the correct sequence of trading moves. A few of these courses can even help you develop your own trading system.

Investopedia is the world’s largest financial website. Its online stock trading courses serve as a virtual university. Their goal is to help make the complex world of finance easier to understand. We reviewed these courses and found them to be highly informative and reliable.

Beginners will probably benefit most from learning how to trade using psychology. For more advanced traders, there are other courses that can help them understand the market’s psychology and determine when to buy and sell stocks.

Investopedia Academy is another excellent resource for beginners. Investopedia offers online trading courses in all areas of finance. From options to day trading, the Investopedia Academy has classes for all skill levels.

There are also courses for those interested in learning how to use software such as Excel. In addition to stock trading, Investopedia offers financial planning courses. There are no other courses like it. They provide the necessary tools to help beginners trade the stock market.

Other available courses include

  • Algorithmic Trading for Beginners
  • Trading for beginners
  • Binary Options Trading
  • Forex Trading for Beginners
  • Penny Stocks Trading
  • Advanced Options Trading
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Crypto Trading
  • Options for Beginners
  • Technical Analysis
  • Become a Day Trader

Investopedia stock trading courses for beginners cover the basics of technical analysis. There are 50 lessons, documents, videos, and webinars. Each lesson covers various concepts and terminology. The course teaches you how to analyze stock charts and how to limit risk and maximize opportunity.

It also features a live instructor who is a veteran of Wall Street and has taught hundreds of people how to trade. The course includes interactive material and is priced at $199.

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TD Ameritrade

The TD Ameritrade learning centre is an excellent resource for those who are new to the stock trading market. Videos, audio dictionaries, and quizzes are all included in the stock trading courses. In-person events are held at TD Ameritrade buildings or via webcast.

Some of the courses are paired with live classroom instruction, while others are more self-paced. In-person lessons are usually free, although attendees must pay for travel and hotel expenses. TD Ameritrade offers free online courses for both beginners and seasoned investors.

Stock Trading Courses Websites

The Warrior Trading course offers more than a dozen free lessons that cover trading strategies, risk management, and finding the right stocks to trade. The TD Ameritrade interactive library is another useful resource. There are also free courses available from other companies, such as Warrior Trading.

And if you want to commit to learning the basics of trading, TD Ameritrade offers a free, online course called Bear Bull Traders. The Merrill Lynch education centre is regularly updated and contains valuable information to help beginners make smart investment decisions.

The courses cover topics ranging from the basics of investing to the latest financial developments, including digital currencies and financial technology. There are also videos and articles available for those who are interested in learning the ropes of stock trading. For more information, visit the Merrill Lynch education centre. It’s definitely worth checking out.

TD Ameritrade’s website also features daily market commentary and analysis. Thinkorswim also tracks social sentiment, with social media mentions displayed on their charts.

Besides a virtual trading platform, TD Ameritrade also has 250 branches nationwide and a customer support team available 24/7. Its recent acquisition by Charles Schwab will integrate the two companies over the next 18 to 36 months.

Bear Bull Traders

If you’re just beginning to learn how to trade stocks, you’ve probably considered joining Bear Bull Traders stock trading courses for beginners. The platform emphasizes the importance of trading as a business and teaches students how to set up their accounts to maximize their chances of success.

The stock trading courses teach subscribers how to use real-time simulators, identify appropriate stocks, and fight high-frequency traders. The courses also provide a thriving community for members. The Bear Bull Traders program is comprised of five different training options.

You can start by looking at the program’s video library. Under the “Education Center,” you’ll find videos on trading strategies, candlesticks, scanning, and more. Moreover, there are also recordings of live trading sessions. Bear Bull Traders offers regular webinars for members.

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For a more personalized approach, you can talk with a live mentor who can help you find the right trading strategies. You can also opt for a shortened course. The online stock trading courses will include a final exam that will test all of the information you’ve learned throughout the course.

If you pass it with high grades, you’re ready to enter the real stock trading world. The shorter version, however, will leave out some of the fundamental information. This course is better suited for advanced traders who want to refine their skills and gain a wider perspective of the market.

The price of Bear Bull Traders stock trading courses for beginner programs varies. You can join the Basic or Elite membership plan, which will cost you $97 a month or $1,999 for a year.

The Basic and Elite membership options are both affordable and include access to a live onboarding session and trading psychology resources. You can choose to join the Elite membership for $299 per month, or opt for a lifetime subscription for just one year.


EDX offers online classes for stock traders. The courses cover topics like financial analysis, Bollinger bands, and technical analysis. You can learn how to use these tools for your own investing needs, or you can use the courses to further your career goals.

You can start by taking a free course or upgrading to the certificate program for a fee. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience, you might need more than one course. EDX has partnered with leading institutions to offer online courses on the stock market.

Stock Trading Courses Websites

The stock trading courses cover everything from opening a brokerage account to understanding the New York Stock Exchange. These courses are also very helpful for learning about the different kinds of stocks and how to trade them.

You will also gain a thorough knowledge of the U.S. economy and foreign stock markets. While you might be familiar with the U.S. stock market, emerging markets can also show promise. EDX stock trading courses for beginners can be challenging but are well worth the effort.

They are facilitated by industry professionals who have been in the business for years and have a proven success rate. The course is divided into 10 smaller videos, each covering different aspects of the market. During the course, you can practice with a free demo account and quizzes that assess your knowledge and understanding.

You can continue to learn with a free demo account, and you’ll have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. This course is designed to provide the basics of the financial markets and introduce electronic trading. The course is divided into six modules and takes about four weeks to complete.

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It costs PS74 to enrol. If you’re not ready for that level of rigour, you can always take a more advanced course later on. You’ll be glad you did. Just don’t forget that it’s never too late to learn how to trade.

Khan Academy

Before you can invest in stocks, you must have a basic understanding of how they work. Stocks, also known as shares or equity, are the ownership rights to a portion of a company. These online stock trading courses will show you how to become a partial owner of the company.

You will also learn how to choose stocks based on your personal investment goals and determine the best way to use research tools. Then, you can decide on which type of broker to use, whether you want a self-directed online platform or a dedicated financial planner.

You can learn all about the stock market in Khan Academy’s Stock and Bonds course. It offers free tutorials in videos, and the courses get more advanced as you continue your studies. This is an excellent option for beginners who want to learn about the stock market but are not yet ready to enrol in a formal class.

The course is available for free on the Khan Academy website and has been recommended by many financial experts. The only downside to Khan Academy courses is that there are no exams. You can only get so much knowledge at one time, but it’s well worth the time spent.

This course is for beginners who are not sure that online investing is for them. It will teach you how to purchase and sell stocks, as well as how to navigate the RRSP and TFSA accounts.

The stock trading courses will also teach you how to use record-keeping tools, such as a journal. Although the Khan Academy stock trading courses for beginners aren’t as comprehensive as those offered by other providers, you’ll learn the basics of investing from Khan Academy.

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