8 Tips to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

When you want to calculate your website conversion rate first you have to signify the goal. The main action what you want your users to perform. If you don’t have a goal then there will no point of measure your website. You can only measure a website on the basis of objective or goal.

Basically, the goal of every business will be signing up, purchase or download actions on the website. Getting leads is the short term goal but improving conversion rate help in long term.

Why should you improve conversion rate?

The benefits of improving the conversion rate will be for the long term period. It is not so easy as just paid ads, SEO and social channels. It takes lots of time to improve your website conversion rate.

Once you have increased your website conversion rate then you can earn more leads from existing traffic.

A clear call to actions

Sometimes a user may have doubts about your business, A phone call converts a better way to clear his doubts. You should maintain clear call to actions on your landing page that says “Call now!”. Every business should maintain a separate team for only calling process and If your company is running internationally then you should maintain calling services for 24/7 days.

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If your business is getting more leads through emails or sales from calling, then it is better to use the call to actions like “Download”, “Buy Now”, etc.

Optimize the forms

Every business will have a contact form where the user has to fill his details for subscription or enquire regarding the service or product. If the user finds difficult to fill the details then he will leave the page. So try to mention fewer fields of details for the user.

Website Conversion Rate

Use a natural, friendly tone in your contact forms which helps to increase the conversation rate of your website.

Optimize for mobile

Mobile users are increasing day by day. Smartphones are having all features that desktop have. So all users are addicted to using mobiles. It is very important for you to optimize your website for mobile.

Most of the users are not interested in filling your endless forms or go through your computer website. Instead of directly looking into the mobile version with little information as possible.

Try to provide all payments methods like PayPal, debit card, credit card, etc. This helps the user for easy purchase of your service or product.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots in your website can help you increase conversions and help the users to take a decision in purchasing your service or product. No human can always hold the phone, or type an email to the users. But to attain the user attention you should be available 24/7 days.

So for this purpose, artificial intelligence is very helpful which work in the absence of the human. It also allows the agent to give an opportunity to explain the benefits of services or products before purchasing.

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It is very important to mention reviews about your customers or clients. This leads trust to the new users and he will be interested in purchasing your services. If even people in terrible circumstances can get the results as expected through testimonials.

Improve page speed

Your website speed is also important to the factor which may affect your conversion rate. If your page doesn’t when the user tried to open then he will stay for a long time. Every user wants to save their time. If your website doesn’t satisfy them then your conversion reduces drastically. Try to maintain average page speed i.e 3 seconds.

If your website exceeds the average time span then there are high chances of a decrease in your conversion rate. You can use the image optimizing software to optimize the images on the website. Sometimes huge size images lead to reduce the page speed.

Check your website performance

You should always track your website performance. In leadmirror tool help you in getting a complete report of your website. In that report, you can see the performance of proficiency, relevancy. Leadmirror provides you complete SEO audit report of your website.

For checking website performance using A/B testing, It is also called split testing help you to compare two versions of the website which provides more traffic and conversions. Through this, you can optimize the design, content and images in the website.

Track your website conversion rate in analytics

For every website, I suggest using Google analytics. The following insights can be obtained through analytics

  • How your users found the website
  • Time spent on the website by a user
  • Location of the user
  • Link your Google Ads to your paid traffic
  • From which keyword user came to your website
  • Gadget of the user like mobile, laptop, desktop
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In the above information, you can understand the ways to improve your website conversion rate. If you think any other way to be added in the content you can mention in the comments.

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8 Tips to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

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