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8 Effective Instagram Reels Ideas To Attract Followers

Instagram Reels is simply a condensed content format that enables you to instantly create and share 15-second video clips with the world via a dedicated account on the Explore page of the social network. As already stated, it is designed for the younger generation and aims at providing them with quick and easy access to some of the most popular music videos, images, and clips.

Instagram users may either browse through an “Instagram Video” section or search for specific types of media by tags. Some users may also choose to watch a specific clip on their screens instead of scrolling through the feeds. The profile layout is highly intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate from one photo album to another.

Effective Instagram Reels Ideas

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. It has more than 1 billion active users and 500 million active users every day. According to Instagram statistics, more than 1 million advertisers are using Instagram to share their stories and enhance their business. Additionally, 80% of people use Instagram to discover new products and services.

Instagram allows you to edit and upload images and short videos through a mobile. You can add captions and use hashtags to your post. Instagram is not only for individuals; you can also use it for your business to promote your brand and products.

Instagram has launched new features, first stories, then IGTV, and now Instagram Reels. It offers you to create up to 15 to 30 seconds video clips, match them with your favorite music, and you can add effects to your reels before sharing them in feeds or stories.

Why Use Instagram Reels?

Reels are a huge opportunity to engage your present followers and reach a wider audience. According to Instagram reports, if your reel is featured on the explore page, you will receive a notification that your reels are selected for public reels.

It is a great way to promote your brand among new people, and it will help you get our target audience and more engagement for your business.

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With Instagram reels, following the same trend as all online social networking sites, the new platform provides an opportunity to showcase your creativity and videos by uploading short promotional clips, exclusive music singles or just about anything that you think your audience would appreciate.

If your clip involves social marketing strategies, you can add the URL for your page so that followers can visit your site. However, as a new marketing strategy, you will need to ensure that your Instagram reel content does not include any illegal material, as this could lead to your account being banned.

These are the eight steps to follow using Instagram Reels to increase your followers partially.

Apart from sharing videos, you can also use Instagram reels to share written content such as blogs or articles. As Instagram reels allow users to scroll through content in scroll mode, it makes it easier for users to share short, catchy and meaningful content to their followers.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner who is looking to promote your products or services via social media marketing, you may want to consider the use of the Instagram Reels app.

As Instagram reels are an easy way to create an impressive visual interface and add interactivity to your Instagram account, they could prove to be an extremely effective way to attract new clients and drive traffic to your website or blog.

However, you should ensure that you follow the rules and guidelines set out by Instagram before using the reels.

Introduce yourself and tell your brand story

Create an exciting reel about yourself and your brand. Since Instagram reels are on the explore page, you have the huge opportunity to introduce yourself and share your brand or product with thousands of new peoples.

There are many ways to introduce yourself; You can add Text in your reels to tell your story or talk directly to the camera. Instagram editor and strategist Natasha have made a fun and entertaining reel to introduce herself; it helps her receive new audiences. Introducing yourself in a creative way will help you to get more followers.

Take your audience behind the scenes

Your followers are always more curious about how your products are made and how it is useful for them. It is a great time to create reels to take your audience behind the scenes.

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Create reels videos in your industry and show your customer how you make your products and delivery to the services. It will help you to create trust with your customers and connect with them. Making reels behind the scene is an easy and effective way to boost engagement with your followers

Make Use of Editing Tools

Reels offer a few video editing tools; you can use them to make your reels engagingly and creatively. If you create unique content using the reels platform, you will get more audience to your profile. Hereby, your profile engagement will increase day by day.

When you post the reels videos frequently, you will receive more Instagram reels likes for your reels videos. Your reel likes are increasing, and your videos will move to explore pages there and get a new audience to your accounts.

  • Audio: Similar to Instagram stories, reels allow you to select music from the Instagram library, or you can use your favorite music.
  • Effects: You can add different effects, filters, text, and stickers to make your reels more attractive.
  • Timer and speed: Use a timer tool to record your reels instead of holding the camera button. Also, reels let you speed up or slow down your video clips.

Hop on Trend

Instagram reels are all about creating new things in a trendy way. Make a reel in an effective way that goes in front of more eyes; it will let you get a large number of followers.

Scroll the explore page, and notice what other brands and businesses are doing to make their reels go Trend and use these techniques. Or you can create on your own, make a dance, create challenges or use hashtags and encourage your followers to join it in fun.

Showcase your products

Instagram is a perfect place to grow your business and reach a wider audience. Many brands are already chosen reels to promote their brand to enhance their business.

Highlight the benefits of your products and services, share interesting reels about your brands that are not known by your customers. It will make your customers buy your products. Share before and after videos about your products; it will help you to get more engagement.

Share Educational Content

Posting educational videos is a great way to drive engagement with your followers. Give some smart tips to use or style your brand and product and tell them the perfect time to use your products. If your customer is interested in your products, they can tap “view product” to see more about your brands.

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Creating a FAQ reel is another creative move to connect with your customers. Make a reel that is educable to your customers; It will help the audience to get more ideas about your products.

Offer quick Business tips

Instagram is a great social network compared with others. Here everyone can build their business using images and videos.

Share your business experience with your followers, and tell them what mistakes you made in your business; give great business ideas to your followers to avoid mistakes. Give some unique tips to your audience to improve their brand and business.

Share Reviews

Create challenges and ask your followers to share their videos or tell them to tag you. It will help to get more engagement with your followers. When you start creating reels for your business, always check out how many times your reels have liked and shared. It will show your follower’s interest and help you to create future content.

Giving likes and comments to other accounts will help you get more new audiences to your profile, which increases your business and sales. Making collaboration with influencers will improve your marketing strategy and help you to reach more people.


It is true that Instagram reels are a direct competitor of TikTok. Instagram reels offer an excellent opportunity for marketers and influencers to extend their reach to a wider audience. Reels are not only for brands and businesses to share their content, but it is also for advertisers to show their products.

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