8 Best Twitter Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on Your Sites

According to a 2016 statistic, more than 300 million people are on Twitter. That is a lot, literally! Not just popular, Twitter is an effective marketing platform. And with the given huge volumes of traffic, the marketing potential of Twitter goes beyond charts. One of the ways marketers do Twitter marketing is by embedding Twitter feeds on websites using some Twitter tools.

It might seem technical enough when you hear it for the first time but actually, with the help of appropriate social media tools, you can easily embed Twitter feeds on your website.

5 best Twitter tools to embed Twitter feed on Your websites


Taggbox is a really great social media aggregator and display/embed tool that gives you the functionality to create beautiful and stunning Twitter Walls that could be easily embedded into your websites or displayed on a digital screen in events or as digital signage.

It displays real-time Twitter feeds aggregated from various sources on Twitter like Hashtags, mentions, keywords, list, favourites, and other such sources.

In order to embed Twitter feeds on your website using Taggbox, you first need to create a Twitter Wall using Taggbox, generate an embed code, copy it, paste it in the backend of the webpage where you wish to integrate the Twitter feeds.

That’s it. Taggbox is a pandora’s box when it comes to features. To start with, the amazing customization features let you decorate your Twitter feed wall according to the look and feel of your website.

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Next, the strong moderation panel allows you to filter your Twitter content before displaying it so as to maintain the quality of Twitter feeds. Also, the analytics feature allows you to measure the engagement level of the website visitors with the Twitter feed wall.

Hence, with all these amazing features and many more add-on features, Taggbox seems like an ideal choice when it comes to embedding real-time feeds on your website.


TweetBeam is a social media tool that allows you to create customized Social Media Walls to make your website a more interactive experience for your visitors. It allows your visitors to be a part of the Twitter Wall by posting tweets using your promoted hashtag.

It allows you to visually stimulate the Twitter content that is being displayed on the wall which helps you to catch your user’s attention.

It encourages and gives everyone the opportunity to post messages and photos to your embedded Twitter Wall. It is a great way of integrating social media into your marketing strategy.

It helps you to provide exposure to your brand/business by embedding Twitter feeds on your website. A word about your business/brand is spread through the Twitter-sphere, thus generating your business and revenue too.

TweetWally Twitter Tools

Best Twitter Tools

TweetWally is a power Twitter tools that let you create Twitter Walls and embed it into your website, thereby, allowing you to display user-generated Twitter content on your website.

It allows you to save and customize your Twitter aggregated content and present them in different formats through specific URLs on your website. The best part is that a Twitter Wall is all that you need to get started. No registrations required.

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LiveTweetApp allows you to embed Twitter Walls on your website in a very easy way. It lets you discover, filter and curate, and embed social media posts on a screen.

It helps you increase visitors’ interaction with your website content thereby improving the performance of your website. It aggregates Twitter content using hashtags, mentions, and public user profiles.

It fetches relevant Twitter content and collects them at one place where you can customize, curate, and moderate the tweets before displaying them on the Twitter Wall.

It also gives you different display modes to choose from- Live Mode, Poster Mode, Timeline Mode, and Ticker Mode. You can also customize the look and feel of the Twitter feeds being displayed on the Twitter Wall.

Hootfeed Twitter Tools

Hootfeed powered by HootSuite is a social media tool to create Twitter Walls of creative and engaging nature. It provides you with the functionality to either display it in events or embeds it into your websites to spread brand awareness.

You can easily customize the Twitter content that is to be aggregated and displayed on the Twitter Wall. You can even filter your content with profanity filters to maintain the quality of the displayed content.

It is easy-to-use Twitter tools and lets you embed Twitter Wall easily on your websites. It helps to increase website users’ engagement with the website content and thus improve the performance of the website SEO wise.

Over To You…

These are some of the best Twitter tools to embed Twitter feeds on a website. They come with their own pros and cons. So, choose the one which suits your set of requirements. Also, if you are using some other embed tool for your Twitter feeds, share it with our readers in the comment section below.

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