9 Benefits of Animated Video for Social Media

Video marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing today. Businesses are now looking forward to employing new digital marketing approaches that instantaneously engage targeted audiences. Marketing researchers extensively observe that 65% of the world’s audience learns through visual stimulation.

Consequently, eye-catching animated video content is consumed at a higher rate and has become the fastest mode to provide updated brand knowledge and information to customers. Today, large and medium-sized businesses and video productions are searching for prolific video animation agencies that understand clients’ businesses and brilliantly create compelling videos that mesmerize audiences.

Animated Videos for Social Media

Top quality, well-versed animated marketing videos employ animation tools and techniques such as whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and video animation that makes videos appealing. Consequently, fascinating videos grab the audience’s attention at first glance.

The changing marketing landscape has led to corporate video competition. As a result, businesses are trying to create unique and eye-catching video productions that mark a difference and stand out from others.

At this stage, you require professional assistance from well-recognized video animation services that help Businesses know the reasons to create professional animated video content for marketing and advertising purposes.

Video animation services employ high-quality animation tools, such as Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate, in video productions that help businesses to take their marketing and social media presence to the next level.

Why Business create Animated Videos for Social Media?

Informative brand videos are an effective tool for marketing brands on social media. According to social media research, people across the globe spend 103 minutes daily scrolling and viewing videos on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

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Making successful, attractive videos for social media helps Businesses market their brand online. As more consumers are attracted to social media, they spend more time searching for products on Facebook and Instagram. Potential buyers get influenced by the animated product videos and acquire the relevant information they require.

Animated Videos for Social Media

Consequently, this stirs businesses to understand the value of creating impactful marketing videos. Colourful and alluring videos uploaded on social media catch the attention of more comprehensive customers.

Animated videos are helpful for marketers as they keep audiences engaged in the video

Watching an exciting brand video lets consumers know about the essential product features and the feasibility of using them. Moreover, animated explainer marketing video help video production agencies develop versatile modern marketing tools that boost their presence on social media platforms and generate website traffic.

Advertising and video production agencies are involved with digital marketing approaches. They create engaging digital advertising campaigns and advertisements that attract a broader audience on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Digital marketers also demonstrate product videos (live demos of products or services. Integrating product explainer videos on product and service pages boost conversions and drive sales more than you anticipate.

What Elements Businesses Need To Consider When Creating Animated Videos for Marketing

Creating informative and well-designed video content implies video animation production incorporates essential elements in their video production.

  • Shorter and eye-grabbing animated videos: Consumers have short attention spans; most viewers prefer watching the video to reading the content. Therefore, more consumers are now more prone to intrusive marketing ads. Video animation production creates visual advertisements and animated videos that trigger emotions in the audience. The unique video content incites them to follow the story. Animated videos have now become an integral part of digital marketing.
  • Animated videos simplify complicated topics: As you watch an animated video, you feel that animated video brings concepts to life; the text and moving images with engaging content make the customers more engaged with the video. For instance, an animated video designer can make your characters talk all they want, fly, or travel in time. In addition, the animation video communicates the product’s value to the audience through words. Hence, animation videos are easy to comprehend.
  • Professional and high-quality video: Video animation production creates professional corporate videos to be uploaded on social media platforms. The videos, rich in graphics and vivid colours, help engage a larger audience.
  • Animation helps bring back memories: Another critical factor is that animation makes us nostalgic and help us associate our mind with childhood events. For instance, watching cartoons create nostalgic emotions, allowing us to recall great childhood memories. So it’s how many brands are using the element of nostalgia by triggering memory through animations.
  • Animated Videos build relationships between a brand and customers: Informative and well-designed video content can drive engagement and communication with an audience and increase brand reliability and trust.
  • Animation videos engage consumers with fun and entertainment: Whether Business, education, or marketing, video animation services create videos that amusingly communicate information. Tempting videos published on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media make them more inspiring and attractive for consumers to watch.
  • Videos assist in marketing campaigns: Digital marketers prefer creating animated videos that increase the company’s search engine results. An eye-catching title and quality video content bring a lot of organic traffic to the site.
  • Animation videos are pocket-friendly: While initiating a video animation, video production agencies ensure the creation of less expensive videos for social media channels. Making relatively cheap videos allows you to make an animated explainer video for your product or service.
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