7 Tips to Save Money on Food when you Travel to Dubai

If you are planning to spend your vacations in an amazing city like Dubai, then consider noting down your expenses. Before packing up your kit that includes your regular clothes, facial tissues, toilet paper, swim trunks etc., make sure you have made a schedule on how to save money on food too.

The food items are the most expensive in those areas which have an enormous tourist attraction. So, load your credit cards with lots of bucks, but wait there is an alternate plan too.

Some pro tips to invest wisely on food while staying in Dubai to help you save money

Spend less on alcohol

It’s your holidays and you want to have a great time with your buddies. Unfortunately, spending on alcoholic beverages is not a good idea at all because it will cost you a lot of your fortune. No matter where you are buying from it will always be costly. Never dine at restaurants that offer alcohol with the food.

The cheap food and alcohol don’t come in the same package, so avoid those seven stars to save money and explore those that don’t serve it at all. Also, Dubai has strict driving rules and can’t tolerate if a drunken person stopped by. You will have to pay a heavy fine and all your money savings scores will get skewed. So, if you want to have some then try buying it prior to your trip.

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Buy from supermarket in other to Save Money

You may not find any supermarket near to your hotel or guest house, but believe me, food items there will be a lot cheaper than what offers in your hotel or the in the grocery stores nearby.

All you have to do is to walk a few miles away from your accommodation to find a local grocery shop. Fruits and vegetable in Dubai based local store are quite inexpensive and budget-friendly.

7 Tips to Save Money on Food when you Travel to Dubai

Some supermarkets also offer to buy fruits and vegetables in smaller portions that can help customers save money. Also, consider cooking at your residence, rather than buying pre-cooked food or spending your money on junk unless you have a strong craving for it.

Buy food using a reliable app

These days ordering food items are quite a trend. Besides investing your time and efforts in buying fresh and healthy food and grocery items, making use of the relative app is a smart play.

Apps like Yeebly that is backed up by a huge stock of numerous grocery items anyone living in Dubai can order from. They offer instant delivery at your doorsteps. Also, the fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh and exotic.

Final Thoughts on how to Save Money in Dubai

Sticking to your habitual grocery list is cost-effective. So make a list of items you have to purchase and go beyond your limit. Moreover, Dubai is also known for expensive accommodation.

Staying in hotels can make your wallet empty soon as fancy accommodations come with hefty price tags. So, to save money consider renting an apartment or find those hotels that are relatively cheaper, though finding one is quite daunting.

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7 Tips to Save Money on Food when you Travel to Dubai
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