7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

Hatchbacks come with 3-door or a 5-door option. The access to the cargo space is provided in a hatchback as there is no separation formed by division segments in the car. Hence, the cargo area is accessible from the interior space of the hatchback cars. Although there is a plethora of choices in the types of cars these days, hatchback cars have earned their place in the most popular categories of cars.

They make an appropriate and sensible car choice because they have added features for both comfort and practicality. Their price tags are diverse as well which allows any person to easily buy a hatchback. Even though a fraction of people reject hatchbacks by saying that they don’t have enough interior space or they aren’t practical, there are more logical reasons in opposition to the favour of hatchbacks.

So let’s take a look at some of these reasons

They have a stylish look

7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

Gone are the days when hatchbacks used to look dull and possessed a boring vibe. Hatchbacks these days are being manufactured in a much cooler and sophisticated style because people are putting more emphasis on how the car looks. Car buyers want their vehicles to make a good fashion statement. Therefore, the present day’s hatchbacks have a modern and up-to-date appearance.

Big space

7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

Hatchbacks offer a big interior space. A maximum of 5 passengers including the driver can be easily seated in a hatchback car. Hatchback cars offer a bigger space than a sedan because their back seats can easily be folded down flat to provide more room. This option gives as much space as a mini-sized SUV.

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However, when the seats are not folded, hatchbacks still offer more capacity as the trunk is part of the cabin. The trunk need not be catered by lowering the body of the hatchback due to which the headspace is increased. Moreover, the cargo space is also large in these cars.

Low price

While many people opt for a low price used car as they can not afford a brand new car, it is much better to purchase a hatchback car as they are comparatively much cheaper than other types of cars. This low price is due to the fact that hatchbacks consume the least amount of fuel as compared to other cars. Hence, the affordability of the hatchbacks accounts for one of the main reasons why they are popular.


7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

Another important benefit of hatchbacks is that they are equipped with useful technological features that aid the driving, passengers and the driver as well. These cars have the same or even better gadgets, aids and tools which cars from the big companies and brands possess. Some examples include smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, rear camera, height-adjustable seats, infotainment system and keyless entry.

Safety gear is also very prominent in hatchbacks. Examples include airbags, pedestrian and lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, voice and face recognition. The addition of these Hi-Tech features greatly enhances the quality of the car’s ride.

Hatchback Cars are perfect fit for families

7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

A myth that often circulates regarding hatchbacks is that they are not big or spacious enough for families. But this is most definitely not the case as these cars offer more than enough space for both couples and children. The hatchback is worth buying a family car. The rear area also has plenty of space. And most importantly, the boot space is big enough for storing things like prams or suitcases for travelling purposes.

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They are cheaper for insurance purposes

7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

It is a well-known fact that the bigger a car is, the more expensive it’s insurance will be. The parts of a hatchback are cheaper to buy or replace as compared to other big cars as well. Which automatically means that the insurance repair bills will be lowered and the same with the premiums.

Convenient to drive in a big city

7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

Most people call it a big inconvenience or even a problem to drive big cars in busy cities which have small spaces on the roads. This problem can be easily solved by driving hatchbacks because they are smaller in size and also have smooth driving dynamics to manoeuvre or turn around tight places which makes the experience of driving in the city a fun thing.

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7 Reasons why Hatchback Cars should be your next Car

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